Personalisation is key

Carving out time for ourselves amidst a packed schedule has become more than a luxury. Between office and family commitments - and trying to have a social life - we find ourselves depleted of positive energy more often than not. The antidote to stress is relaxation and rejuvenation, and the good news is we can now treat ourselves in a way that works exclusively for us.

Today, everything from the shows we watch to the music we listen to and the food we consume is customised by big data and utilised by the likes of Netflix, iTunes and Zomato. Also trending is the strong preference for wellness, eco-conscious living and organic, local ingredients whether on a cafe menu or moisturiser.

It is no surprise then that the latest trend to sweep spas is wellness, rooted in a package tailored to individual tastes. Below, a few personalised treatments we readily recommend:

Yoga, meditation & exercise
Many spas are now beginning the process of R&R with a review of your BMI and a brief physical profile to gauge your strengths and weaknesses. Expect treatments that involve exercise and clean eating to boost immunity. Stress management has become a priority at these centres which combine yoga and meditation to combat the toll taken by our hectic schedules.

Signature facial, pedicure & skin treatments
With many spas employing questionnaires, anticipate skin treatments built on your responses. Spas are meeting the needs of individual skin types, age and other evolving concerns with bespoke facials, signature blends for foot scrubs, and treatments to combat ailments based on your pH balance.

Massages & thermal wraps
Wellness centres are also catering to specific concerns like jet lag. They now offer thermal wraps and scalp massages for the weary traveller – depending on how many hours “off” they feel. Massages are also adapted to target sore muscles while keeping a note on health concerns like joint pain or sensitive skin.

Ayurvedic treatments based on dosha
Ayurveda has taken over the globe, attractive for its holistic approach to living. Taking this a step further by dentifying the ruling dosha or bio-element of your constitution, spas now offer custom prepared aromatic oils, meals and massages to activate your energy and alleviate problems exacerbated by lifestyle choices.

How are you going to approach your time away from the daily grind? Consult your doctor if needed, but nobody else: remember this is all about you!

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