Wires do the Disappearing Act


How To Hide The Pesky, Hazardous Yet Unavoidable Tools

Unwieldy wires can not only orchestrate a disastrous accident, but are also a sore sight in your living space. In today’s connected world, they are, however, a necessary evil.  
Here are our tips to keep them from becoming a tangled nightmare and - hopefully - an aesthetically pleasing or invisible part of your decor:

Never underestimate the simple binder clip. It can help not only organise that wayward sheaf of paper but also hold up wires. Hideaway the many protruding wires by tacking the clips along the side of a table or behind a chest of drawers; or use these pretty gold tipped ones, creating patterns as you move along the length of your furniture piece.

Hide a powerstrip in a decorative basket or in the first drawer of a cabinet. They will keep those unsightly wires hidden and away from the roving hands of an adventurous toddler.

A simple styrofoam pipe, shower or curtain rod can be repurposed to conceal wiring. This hack is especially useful for wires sneaking up to gadgets high up. Paint the pipes in a colour that matches the decor for expert camouflage!

If you fancy yourself a DIY artist, why not try this rope braid from A Merry Mishap Blog? The tutorial details ways to upgrade simple fairy lights but is just as useful to keep those wires under control sans industrial tools. Maybe even rope in the family for a weekend project?

You can use fabric that matches the colour scheme in the room to mask ugly wires sprouting out of the TV. Just cut a piece lengthwise and wrap.

Another way to keep wires cornered in one space is to create a docking station. Buy some magazine racks and paint them in a colour you love to make a pleasing addition to your kitchen or dining room, moving those gadgets and their tails away from the eyes of guests.

How will you conceal your wires? Maybe even have one designated space at home for chargers and devices, a move that will turn the term ‘wireless’ on its head!




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