Getting married this year? Here are the most romantic getaways to start your happily ever after

Your honeymoon is a trip of a lifetime – from gentle breeze kissing your hair to silky sand warming your feet, from the peaks of the glaciers to the view of the shores – the budding romance deserves everything you’ve ever dreamt of. Whether it’s about enjoying a dinner in a canopy setup amidst the ocean, lying on a beach sipping on margaritas all day long, exploring art and culture, or simply sipping a piping hot cup of coffee across the colourful bustling streets – from Italy to Iceland to Morocco, here’s to picking an exquisite honeymoon destination that’s incredible, unexpected, and will create the sweetest memories for you and your honey.  

The exotic beauty of Puglia, Italy | Once a locally well-kept secret is no more hidden from the wanderlust souls. With soaring cliffs, pristine seas, baroque architecture, fairy tale cottages, centuries-old olive trees, and delicious seafood, this still-unspoiled region on Italy’s sun-drenched heel is where you should spend your honeymoon. Its comfortably warm climate is the perfect weather for a hand-in-hand stroll down the beach and the breath-taking backdrops are equally ideal for the photos that you’re going to cherish for a lifetime. Pack your best outfits and prepare for an unforgettable time together. Don’t forget the sunscreen!     

Best time to visit: October to June

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Iceland, the land of fire and ice | If you and your loved one wish to climb up and heli-ski down the glaciers, explore exceptionally sumptuous Nordic cuisines or seep in the inherent romance of the therapeutic hot springs – Iceland is just your ticket for being adventurous and nonchalant (as you may please).

This Scandinavian island might be cold but there is enough fire in its habitat that will keep your romance flowing. Its abundant luxury resorts suffice for panoramic views of mountains topped with icing of glaciers and unexplainably serene backdrops of one-of-a-kind flora makes the stay truly magical, especially if you have your beloved by the side; but the wonders of Iceland doesn’t stop here, despite the nature’s luxury you also have a number of things to add to your list – be it exploring the nearby geysers, idyllic waterfalls, a drive to the countryside, and enlivening experiences like playing with the famed Blue Lagoon. Let’s not forget, you can also catch a glimpse of the phenomenal northern lights if your travel happens to be between September-October or February-March, which makes Iceland all the more special.

Best time to visit:  July and August (For hiking)

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Find heaven on earth in Seychelles | Tailor-made for couples obsessed with oceanic beauty, Seychelles presents sparkling aquiline-blue water surrounded by lush greenery, coconut palms, and an array of exotic hotels to serve you with Seychelles style hosting. Besides the intimate meals, underwater adventures, and luxe spa treatments, the Ste Anne National Marine Park, Anse Lazio (Best beach awardee by Lonely Planet), and Victoria and Cousin Island are a few excursions that you can look up to on this ‘Island of love’ – layer on some sunshield, pick a colourful sarong teamed with comfy flipflops and bask in the sun on this beauty-personified oasis. You can trust this romantic getaway to oblige you with one of the best sunset experiences, of the luminous gold-dripped sun taking a dip in the crystal-clear helm of the ocean.

Best time to visit: April to June, and September to November

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Be charmed by Morocco | There’s nothing more romantic than unravelling the diverse culture of a country that’s known for its traditional morocco affairs. It is the ideal place to explore the imposing Atlas Mountains, ancient mosques, and colourful bustling markets. Especially the fact that it is one of those few destinations which provide 360 demographic pleasures – be it hills, sand dunes, oceans or sea views. Here’s what you should definitely do: Have tea-dates on your tour of Marrakech, learn how to cook traditional Moroccan cuisines (almost all prestigious hotels provide these short and fun classes), ride a 4X4 over the sand dunes in the Sahara Desert, unwind your day adventures at a spa retreat in Fez, and gracefully glide into stargazing nights through the clear skies of this beautiful country. You could also try glamping in the uber-luxurious tents! We suggest, without thinking twice, you should do it all!

Best time to visit: March to May, and September to October

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Belize is what honeymoon dreams are made of | This sweet little country that people hardly know of or consider for their honeymoon is the ultimate ‘tranquil paradise’ on the eastern coast of Central America. With a very little population density (about 3,60,000 only) this heavenly place lets you be the Adam and Eve and enjoy the maximum quality time together amidst the pristine landscapes sans interruptions. Spend endless days here by the secluded waters, dense jungles, mangrove channels, and the ancient Maya temples and caves. If you’re lucky to tie-knots during spring you’d be thrilled to watch the flora of Belize layered in piles of beautiful orchids. In case your mood says ‘adventure’, drive your way to the Caribbean sea and try spelunking, river tubing, and white water rafting. Given the perfect ingredients for a honeymoon recipe, a few days in Belize can transport you to a time back when nature stirred the soul. Experience it before you could land back on earth!

Best time to visit: November to mid-April

Photo credits: Adventures in Belize

Photo credits: Adventures in Belize

Whether just-married or soon to be married, whisk away the ‘what’ and ‘where’ from your honeymoon planning, choose one (or two!) of these exquisite destinations and get ready to elope to an absolute romantic world. Or how about a re-honeymoon? Honestly, for bewitching destinations like these it’s completely fine even if you got married a decade ago. Book! Book!

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