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The sustainable take on the fashion world is one of the most important movements to own a guilt-free and eco-friendly fashion statement. And the wave of this creative initiative is making a big splash among the swimwear brands too! These sustainable swimwear brands are eco-conscious, ultra-luxurious and super fashionable. They are not just environment-friendly but are also trending among all the fashion lovers! Most of the swimwears are made of plastic, nylon and many other non-biodegradable elements but these sustainable labels are creating swimwears by recycling ocean waste, plastic, polyester and much more. 

Options in eco-friendly fashion are endless but here are the best six sustainable swimwear labels that are becoming the new talk of the town!


Based in Los Angeles, California, Reformation owns a captivating collection in swimwear. Be it bikini tops, beach one-pieces or any other swimwear accessory, Reformation's motive is to uplift the fashion world in sustainable ways. Considering the design and its environmental impact, the label decides the fabric of the outfits, from econyl to ocean waste to fabric leftover, their swim collection is sexy yet sustainable!

Photo credit: Reformation


Founded in 1983, this Sweden based brand is exclusive, chic and eco-conscious at the same time. The brand offers a wide range of swimwear and beachwear for all the water babies but with sustainable material and unique designs. The collections are made in a way that the wearer explore the shores and oceans without the fear of disturbing the planet, after all a look that is friendly to our environment is always a better option, isn't it? Crafted from fishing nets and water pollutants, the recycled fabrics of this label offers high quality and sun resilience!

Photo credit: Scampi


Perfect for people who love pool parties, Bower was launched in 2015. This British brand is luxuriously ethical, sustainable, undoubtedly stylish and what not! Created from the nylon, waste products and synthetic fabrics of polymer, the brand makes sure that swimwear survives long sea dives. The silhouette of their swimwear collection is designed in a way that it's favourable for all the pool posers. They also donate one percent of all the orders to the Healthy Seas initiative. So, you're not just enhancing your beach diaries but also supporting a social cause.

Photo credit: Bower


This brand stands for quality, nature-friendly fashion and perfect fit! Made in Paris and made for the world, Sézane believes in embracing every body type and also promotes sustainable fashion through their environmentally safe beachwear. Aiming to make less impact on the planet, this French brand offers the finest quality and contains no fabric that can be harmful to your skin. They decide, create and bring the product to life!

Photo credit:  Sézane

Vitamin A 

Sustainability is sexy and Vitamin A creates beachwear with this motive. The flawless fit of their products inspire women to feel confident. Made in the USA, the brand is inspired by travel, modern art and offer unique prints created by waterless digital technology at factories and encourages the idea of conserving water. The use of recycled nylon and Lycra promises a long life of the swimwear!

Photo credit: Vitamin A


Known for creating classic swimwear, Galamaar creates swoon-worthy beachy outfits and never goes out of trend. The products are made in California with the use of waste-to-wear fabrics, fishing nets and much more. In order to break the pattern of modern fashion polluting nature, the brand creates sustainable techno-fabric. And talking about brands that offer long-lasting swimsuits, Galamaar tops the list!

Photo credit: Galamaar

Save the planet and enhance your beach lookbook with these eco-conscious swimwear brands!

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