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It has been declared! Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, and unknowingly we all share the same culprit tag. Our love for fashion has already created a mess but has also awakened many new horizons for the fashion connoisseurs to go out of their way and find a sustainable alternative. Recently, embracing environmentally friendly ways and non-cruelty practices have entered in a slow fashion movement be called as ‘Conscious Fashion’. Sounds Utopian? Well, the good news is, many of the homegrown Indian brands have evolved with their vision to create ‘vegan-side’ of the leather products. They are not just ground-breaking the relevant cause but are being the flag-bearers for the rest to follow. We have brought such four brands, whom you should consider in your next shopping plan.


Celebrating the idea of cruelty-free leather, this Delhi based company is creating a revolutionary fashion wave. This vegan leather label is known to use an alternative of real leather which is made from the pineapple leaf fibres. Having a wide range of purses, handbags, wallet purses, trunks, and messenger bags, each one is designed with a motive to educate the audiences as well as to make accustomed to a larger cause.  They have some of the coolest bags to offer suitable for all kinds of occasions. With every purchase at Auvile, you will not be just adding a beautiful piece to your bag collection but will be supporting sustainable jobs for artisans in India.

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When Shweta Nimkar, a design student from the Winchester School of Art, wanted to start something of her own, she was very conscious about sustainable fashion. PAIO, which means ‘pair’ in Italian is a homegrown vegan shoe brand, which churns out beautiful and lovely shoes that comes with no-guilt. The concept of the brand is unconventional, where each customer gets a chance to design their own pair of shoes which is a perfect fit. Whether you are looking for a pair of heels for the office, or a casual boot, or an ethnic pair for wedding, PAIO should be your one-stop destination.

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Accessories by Arture are not just stunning by their looks but are also 100% vegan. Designed with a conscience, their portfolio has a range of wallets, handbags, laptop sleeves, and travel accessories. And what’s great about these bags is that they are super light, sturdy, waterproof and requires no maintenance. They use cork to make their product which is famously known as ‘nature’s leather’. In case, you are a travel junkie, you must check out their product range.

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This Kerala based label has smartly used the coconut waste to produce leather which has a paper-like texture and is 100% biodegradable. Kudos to the duo, Zuzana Gombosova and Susmith C Suseelan who have joined hands in the movement of sustainable fashion. Their lovely range of wallets, footwear, bags, and accessories is marching forward towards the cause of cruelty-free leather and yet giving out beautiful items to the ladies out there. Making the vast pool of unexplored resources and knowledge as their catalyst, the owner duo is surely serving the nation at its best.

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