‘Lord’ has granted your wish with a CBD cream in partnership with footwear designer Tamara Mellon

How often do you come back home with a sore toe or heel? We got you there! With so many high-heel moments encompassing your day-to-day life and myriad social events commanding the most glamorous looks, we totally understand your pain of conquering the world with those pair of stilettoes. To your dismay, even the most tolerable high-heels can take a toll on your delicate feet, if worn for a longer time. Adding to that, it officially is the season to wear high-heels, be it weddings or festivities. Should you be worried about the discomfort? No! Addressing your concern and to pamper your feet, The Los Angeles brand, Lord Jones, famous for its gumdrops has partnered with footwear designer Tamara Mellon on a CBD lotion intended to make tottering nights more bearable. With a great party ahead, this miraculous lotion will be enough to help you flaunt your style in those gorgeous high-heels.

Photo credits: Tamara Mellon

The Collab

The exclusive launch of Lord Jones High CBD Formula Stiletto Cream has unveiled in collaboration with luxury footwear brand and founder of Jimmy Choo, Tamara Mellon. The cream is infused with 200 milligrams of CBD, which is a nonpsychoactive ingredient in marijuana. The inception of the cream was inspired by such celebs who regularly used to turn to Lord Jones’ original High CBD Formula Body Lotion before drumming the red carpets. Now, instead of applying that precious CBD body lotion on the feet, anyone can use this new CBD Stiletto Cream to fight off achy heels. The brand recommends applying a “nickel-sized” amount to each foot and letting it dry before slipping on your high-heels. Having a balm-like base of shea butter, rapeseed oil, and olive oil, it is blended with fruit acids to give a better shot at penetration. Each dollop contains four milligrams of CBD, and the product can really last longer.

Photo credits: Tamara Mellon

What’s so fancy about CBD?

CBD is a type of Cannabinoid and is miraculous for numerous reasons. Now that you know the reason—It has MARIJUANA in it. But here in CBD marijuana doesn’t send you on a trip but rather acts as a pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory agent. You can turn to CBD for all kinds of reasons, like for better sleep or curing headaches. And from now, you can get this CBD Stiletto Cream from Tamara Mellon's official website to caress your feet before you head out.

It seems like ‘The Lord’ has listened to your wish and has granted a gift through which you can feel like floating in the air. Time to slay!


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