Not only they changed the way of dressing but also the way of thinking

Most of the designers like to play it safe while some of them are known for changing the fashion world for better. With the help of silhouettes, models, and colours these designers are redefining the fashion industry and we are glad to see how optimistically it is growing. Strong and influential statements are now ruling the runways and that makes the fashion world more diverse. Walking on the route of equality and positivity, here are some of the fashion designers who are infusing inclusivity, gender fluidity, sustainability and much more! To know the brains behind the diverse and acceptive side of fashion, keep scrolling.

Stella McCartney

Stella Nina McCartney, the British fashion designer is known for her ethical and sustainable luxury fashion statements. Stella is designing the future of the fashion world by recycling ocean plastics, making mushroom leather, bioengineered spider silk and much more. Back in her school days, Stella decided that she wanted to be a designer and would never use leather, fur, and feathers. Being the daughter of an animal activist, Linda McCartney, the designer knew how to respect animals as well as nature. After all, what's better than being fashionable and a planet protector at the same time!

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This Barbados beauty first ruled the music industry and now she is revolutionising fashion forever. Being the owner of Fenty Beauty and Clothing, singer, actor and fashion designer Rihanna is introducing body positivity and is also fighting racism which is one of the biggest issues the world is facing. Our Bad Gal Riri is changing the definition of beauty by hiring models of a different complexion, height, weight, etc. Not just this, but Rihanna also supports charities and foundations like Red Cross and UNICEF.

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Rio Uribe

Rio Uribe, the designer of luxury fashion brand, Gypsy Sport is famous for embracing gender fluidity and most of his models are more inclined towards breaking the gender barrier. The fashion designer during his travel saw the life of many homeless people, which is why his FW 2017 collection was entirely about inclusivity by dedicating it to the struggles of people living on the streets. This time in SS2020 collection, the designer introduced a pan-ethnic approach in the industry. Seems like this inspiring personality is not just changing the rules but is also including reality in fashion!

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Christian Siriano

American fashion designer and also a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Christian Siriano changed the game with his inclusive approach to fashion. The designer also carves the path for plus-sizes and sweating stigma as well. He teamed up with Dermira for the 'Check Your Sweat' campaign to bring awareness in the fashion industry for hyperhidrosis. Fashion is no more restricted to style, with Siriano it's also about health and inclusivity!

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Acceptability and positivity are the new terms defining the fashion world!

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