MANI ALERT: Do Your Nails Need an Update?


Give These Latest Treatments A Whirl

If you’ve never been the kind to take it further than a French manicure, now’s the time to experiment. Nail trends are blowing up in a manner even minimalists would find hard to resist. From runway inspired, classically oriented colours to over-the-top bedazzling, we break it down for you:

The California based salon chain, Olivia and June, update tired florals in beautiful pastel hues. Simple yet elegant, this is for the whimsical ones out there!

Fresh off Cristiano Burani’s SS18 runway show, zig-zag nails are an easy, instant way to keep your nails on point this season.

A vertical line down the center or metallic dots are other minimalist yet striking options, perfect for everyday and to hit an after hours cocktail party.

Metallic nails are also back, featured in Oscar de la Renta’s SS18 show. An updated classic that shines on a night about town.

Marian Newman’s eggshell nails and goldfish in a tank round up our list - not for the faint hearted but don’t let that be a deterrent!




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