Nail Trends That Are Blowing Up The Gram!

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We suggest you give your nails a heady uplift by choosing the best nail trends that suit your style.

You may be wearing the brightest dress in your wardrobe, your hair would give any shampoo ad a run for their money and your shoes... their sparkle could blind. But if your nails are not done right, then we don't know what to say! Call it self indulgence or just some much needed- 'me time', nails are a window to your beautiful soul. Ain't no one has time for chipped, unruly nails... C'mon girls, you deserve nothing but the best and these celebrity-inspired nail trends will do that just right. From classic red to Swarovski encrusted ones, here are all the nail trends that up your beauty game for sure. Now we know some of the suggestions are impossible to achieve at home but don't worry, a trusty nail spa should be your ultimate option. So whether you are looking to update your mani-pedi session or just want a handy guide to stay 'on trend' this spring-summer 2020, these trends will ensure your hands look as pretty as your face.

Classic Red

Classic red nails can never go wrong and this mixed with a bit of shine can go from office to date night quite effortlessly. You can totally apply it at home or better still, go for a fresh new manicure for that instant 'happy nails' effect. We understand that spring is coming but some things are classic and timeless; red nails are one of those!

Photo Credit: Tom Bachik Nails

Ombre French Manicure

Give your usual French manicure a twist by opting for an Ombre French manicure that involves the mixture of two nude shades- one slightly lighter than the other. Not only do they look pretty, but are far from those overly done white tips that can sometimes look very casual and let's say, boring. Also, as far as highlighting the tips is concerned, you can definitely choose a brighter hue too for that added touch of chutzpah.

Photo Credit: Tom Bachik Nails

Swarovski Encrusted Nails

If J'Lo can do it, so can you. Celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik popularised this trend at the runway for Versace. Sure, the shiny metallic and chrome nails are still in trend but a little crystal shine never hurts, right? You could go for subtler nail art with the help of smaller crystals or go all out with a bigger one- the choice is yours. Just make sure you do it from a trusted manicurist to avoid any disappointments. 

Photo Credit: Tom Bachik Nails

Baby Blue Matte Nails

International runways were abreast with baby blue matte nails that spell summer and aqua blue breeze. Something about it makes us think about the beach and what can be better than some fresh baby blue nails? Great for when you favour a matte finish over the glossy one. Looks best with nail extensions and short nails alike. You can go over with a coat of a nail protector gel to make sure the colour doesn't chip off.

Photo Credit: Tom Bachik Nails

Rich Chocolate Brown

The rich brown shade would suit all complexions. Whether you like a short and squared tip or long and shapely, this one shade will be a winner. The colour is a hybrid between milk chocolate brown and mud brown, which perhaps gives it such a rich feel. We know that these would look great in the summer and even fall 2020. You could do some nail art over it or wear it on its own, it will look gorgeous nevertheless.

Photo Credit: Tom Bachik Nails

Whether you choose rich browns, a classic French manicure or go all out with Swarovski, we are sure you will look pretty!

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