Jacquemus, Diet Prada And A Fashion History Lesson

The Jacquemus hat has become a new age symbol of fashion’s David and Goliath battle. The now infamous spat between darling designer, Jacquemus, and Diet Prada, the Instagram handle that calls out knock offs and other fashion faux pas, is part of the zeitgeist that will continue to define the industry.

The image of Bella Hadid sporting a statement hat by Mexican fashion house Olmos y Flores has gone viral for many reasons. From outrage over appropriation of design, to debates on inclusive diversity, to plagiarism and more.

It has also brought to the fore - hats! Following fashion’s penchant for revisiting history, we walk down memory lane for a glimpse into the rich past of its current rendition.

Historic fashion house, Dior, always on point, debuted a collection of large hats designed by Gianfranco Ferre in SS91 and SS92, the latter a jaunty nod to the statement piece from ‘91.

Pushing the millinery frontier, we have designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac’s iconic piece from SS91. Combining the structural elements of a hat with the fluidity of a coat, this was a statement hat for the ages.

Sex and the City set off many trends influencing sartorial choices over the nineties and returning in 2008 with some truly inspired choices like this hat worn by Samantha, the character played by Kim Cattrall.

Rosie Assoulin’s design in SS15 updated the hat for the 21st century with this piece from their read-to-wear collection.

Which adaptation is your favourite?



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