All the Best New Makeup Launching in August

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All the Best New Makeup Launching in August


With new makeup dropping at dizzying daily rates, we’ve decided to make sorting through the selection of the latest liners, lipsticks, and the like easier for you. Allure editors eagerly pore over every new launch and emerging brand to find the standouts in the bright, shimmery selection each month. Although we're partial to our particular faves, our heart rates spike with every exciting makeup release. Who knows, maybe there will be some newfangled primer that actually works for our finicky skin types or an innovative mascara that truly checks off every box of our lash criteria.

With each launch, seeing what innovations beauty brands come up with to improve a formula or design is always thrilling. One could easily say that makeup is the one thing exempt from the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mantra. That's the exciting part of the ever-expanding market: finding new makeup treasures to help us present our best, truest selves to the world ⁠— no matter how colorful or minimalist our go-to looks may be.

Just as we do with hair and skin care, we’ll list the new makeup dropping in August that we recommend adding to your cart. You can also check out last month's launches) that we're still loving.

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