Four Instagram Accounts You Should Follow During your Self Quarantine Period


These accounts will keep you engaged and healthy during self-quarantining.

We know you all want to break the shackles of those four walls and carry on life as it was two weeks ago. The Coronavirus pandemic has gotten from bad to worse; social distancing and staying home is the only way you can keep the rising numbers at bay. While there is an overwhelming influx of news related to it, some of it has resulted in pure panic and anxiety amongst many. Yes, we are going through a tough time but self-care is the only way we can fight this atrocious pandemic together. 

The Internet is the only positive thing that is making us stay connected to each other. Gentle handshakes have been taken over by virtual hugs that need to be the need of the hour. But if you are bored with Netflix, watching funny videos on Youtube or DMing your friends over the latest gossip, then we have some positive news! We have collated a list of best Instagram accounts to follow that will not only make your quarantine stint a little more bearable but will help you connect you with your forgotten hobbies. From DIY desserts to quick home workouts, these Instagram accounts posting quarantine content are the ones you should follow during this conscious house arrest!

Yasmin Karachiwala For Exercise

From Deepika Padukone to Katrina Kaif, Yasmin Karachiwala’s clientele includes the creme de la creme of Bollywood. Her pilates workout is famous amongst all but it is her home workout series that is currently trending in social media. You can choose to opt for Tabata or even a quick 15-minute full-body workout while you are self quarantined. We love how she is successfully urging people to stay fit even while they are at home. If you are looking for some quick home workout videos, then Yasmin Karachiwala’s Instagram account is where you should head to!

Shivesh Bhatia For Yummy DIY Desserts

Spruce up your mood with some yummy bakes! Trust us, you have to be no professional chef to churn up some yummy cookies. Just follow Shivesh Bhatia’s Instagram profile which is full of decadent treats. You can go for a quick fix Dalgona coffee or cook up an elaborate pie, the choice is yours. There is nothing like a yummy piece of dessert can’t solve, while you enjoy your movie marathon on Netflix!

Coffee And Books By Tanbir Kaur For A Reading List

This is the perfect time to catch up on your forlorn reading list. Yes, we are talking about spending some quality time with your books. And if you are still confused about which one to go for, then Tanbir of Coffee And Books will be of some help. Her Instagram feed is very aesthetic, which in turn can give you some inspiration on organising your library. You can even go through her book recommendations especially if you hate being on the internet and would rather enjoy your isolation curled up in bed with a book instead.

Urban Greenery By Shraddha B  for Some Balcony Makeovers

This may seem like a long shot but if you are looking to give your balcony a much-needed makeover then Sharddha’s feed would be ideal for you. From cleaning it efficiently to making a little green space for yourself, this Insta feed has A to Z of balcony decoration. You can save some pictures for later or just give your current balcony garden a simple facelift, this truly will be a stress buster.

With that being said, we know we are all going through a difficult time. Stay strong, this too shall pass! And of course, now you have these Instagram accounts to follow during self-quarantine.

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