I Gave Myself an Italian-Style Makeover—See the Pics

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I Gave Myself an Italian-Style Makeover—See the Pics


Ever since I took a trip to Venice a few summers ago, I can’t get Italy off the brain—the walks through centuries-old squares, those late afternoons sipping an Aperol spritz, or the dreamy golden color of the sky at last sunlight. I’ve even been rewatching films like Call Me By Your NameThe Talented Mr. Ripley, and The Godfather on repeat just to get a taste of Italy from home. But as a fashion editor, it’s only natural that all of those daydreams of Tuscany and Capri have put my mind in a state of Italian fashion inspiration. So I decided to put those impulses into action by giving myself an Italian-style makeover over on my Instagram, @kristenmarienichols, without even leaving L.A.

To me, the natural place to start was with pieces from Ciao Lucia—a California-based brand that fuses a cool-girl sensibility with Italian Riviera vibes. According to the brand, they “like to envision a girl at a beautiful seaside hotel in Europe, tanning by the water, taking long afternoon strolls, and having lengthy dinners with friends.” And yes, that is exactly what I was after. So without hopping across the Atlantic, I slipped into some of the brand’s Italian girl–inspired pieces, envisioned that hot Italian sun for myself, and felt a little bit like Monica Bellucci. If you’re interested in trying this for yourself, I will warn you that it’s now only fueling my impulse to book a trip to Amalfi. Ahead, see the Italian-inspired outfits I wore and shop each of the pieces.

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