Kim Kardashian Officially Has Ombré Hair Now

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Kim Kardashian Officially Has Ombré Hair Now



Anyone who keeps up with Kim Kardashian's go-to hairstylist, Chris Appleton, knows that he's been experimenting with the star's hair color all season long. For instance, in October, he dyed her hair "cold brew" brunette, which was significantly lighter than her usual nearly-noir hue. Then, less than a month later, she was wearing it a luscious shade of dark chocolate brown. Now, Appleton's done it again, but this time around he went for a subtle ombré look that we haven't seen on Kim K. in ages.

The big reveal was posted on Appleton's personal Instagram account and features the KKW Beauty founder looking regal with her new hair on display. "Who mastered the Cool Chocolate brown ???? this winter?" reads the photo's caption. In addition to Kardashian's hair being a bit lighter than before, you can also clearly tell that the color fades into a cool, medium-brown halfway down her hair.

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