Kitsch Just Launched a Humongous Scrunchie, and It's Actually Really Cute

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Kitsch Just Launched a Humongous Scrunchie, and It's Actually Really Cute


You've probably seen by now that scrunchies have made a triumphant return to the heads and wrists of the trendiest among us. However, when you heard that they're back in a big way, you probably didn't think it meant a literally big way. While any scrunchie is more voluminous than a simple hair elastic, hair-accessories brand Kitsch said, "Nope, not puffy enough," and created what it's calling the Dinner Scrunchie.

The Dinner Scrunchie got its name for two reasons, the first being that it's an unheard-of eight inches in diameter — the size of an actual dinner plate. Seriously, this thing is huge. No matter how full and fluffy your hair may be, the Dinner Scrunchie will billow beyond its perimeters and instantly become the focus of your look.

Dinner Scrunchie is also an apt name for this enlarged accessory because, the brand says, it's "elevated enough to wear dinner." The semi-sheer chiffon fabric feels just dressy enough to bring an outfit to a lavish new level, and the generous, cloud-like folds make this feel fancier and more fashionable than just about any other scrunchie.

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