Miley Cyrus Officially Has a Mullet, and It’s Cool as Hell

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Miley Cyrus Officially Has a Mullet, and It’s Cool as Hell



If you thought Miley Cyrus's late-November haircut looked a bit like a mullet, just wait until you see the style she debuted on Instagram on Monday, January 6. It's not just mullet-esque — it's a straight-up mullet, full stop. And it's awesome.

After a month or so with a shoulder-length, layered shag, Cyrus shared three separate two-slide posts to Instagram with the caption, "New Hair. New Year. NEW MUSIC! ????." Each photo shows her wearing a plain, white T-shirt, high-waist jeans, black boots, a bunch of bracelets and rings, and angular sunglasses — but as the caption suggests, her new hairstyle is the most eye-catching part of the portraits.

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