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Time to embellish your home with optimism and positivity

When we are accompanied by things that we like, we feel good and ultimately engage ourselves in a happy vibe but on the other hand, if we're surrounded by things that are aesthetically displeasing, we end up being stuck with a negative atmosphere. Everything has an aura associated to it, some relax our minds meanwhile some trigger our nerves. And for a house to become a home, it needs to radiate the right kind of energy. Although we hardly notice but these vibes can influence our overall behaviour. It’s a crucial link between the healing art of positivity and cheerfulness. And to it make it all possible, you only need to add a few elements into your living space. Here are some ways to update your home that will help you usher out negative energy and make your abode look even prettier!

Plants forever

We don’t even need to mention the benefits of plants, isn’t it? Plants can create magic by converting a dull environment into a relaxed and soothing one. No wonder it influences the well-being of the home’s inhabitants. There is a huge variety of indoor plants that not only requires low maintenance but are super beneficial for health and wellbeing. Some of them which you can consider adding into your living space are Boston Fern, Rosemary, or Snake Plant. But do avoid thorny plants like cacti and bonsai since they are believed to hamper growth and bring in negativity.

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Mirror it right

Believe it or not, mirrors hold a significant role in maintaining positivity in the household. Mirrors reflect our energy; thus, it is very crucial to place them right. You can choose to place these on walls facing east or north and try to keep these four to five feet above the ground. What you should avoid is to have large mirrors directly in front of the bed.

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Correct curtains

Do you know your curtains have so much to do when it comes to attaining peace, health, and prosperity? While the colour blue helps in absorbing negative energy, white helps in spreading peace. Also, choosing a light fabric like linen or cotton will not only let the air pass in but will also make your home look elegant. Do avoid colours like black and deep red, they infuse dull stratosphere and negativity!

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Photo credits: Neiman Marcus

Brighten up space

There's a reason why we associate "bright" with "happy". Brightening up your living space can have a remarkable effect on your actions and can bring in happiness. Make your home more exposed to natural light because dim or ill-lit homes are generally linked to depression. Try adding more lamps, open up the shades and enhance the charisma of your home-sweet-home! Use can also use candles, lanterns or any source of natural fire to give your home an uplifting feel.

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Say goodbye to the dull days and welcome freshness with a new zeal. Who knew little changes could do wonders!

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