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An accent wall with ‘real’ accents!

The showstopper of your house – the accent wall, deserves all your attention. A lot more than just wall, it holds the magic of pulling all the courtesy towards itself thus, keeping it blank should be a big no-no. Moreover, making it look different from other walls of your room should not be the mere motive for the potent place it holds in making or breaking the rest of your décor’s theme. Needless to say, who’d like their main wall to be dull and boring? Although there are numerous design tricks available to spruce up your feature wall – amongst all, using patterned wallpaper is the most common one. But to keep you away from the herd, we are here with five different décor ideas that suggest ‘real accents’ for your accent wall. No matter which one you choose, these ideas will surely add a new kind of zeal to your home space. 

Built-in storage
Floor-to-ceiling storage can be an unusual but great idea to deck up the accent wall of your living room. The floor-to-ceiling wall units will dress up the empty space while proving a very smart storage solution, which further helps in keeping your space clutter-free, either way, it’s a win-win! You can choose to fill the racks with treasured tomes, your travel souvenirs, and mementoes that you (secretly) want to show off loud. And if you are seeking a way to make your living space look spacious; these units can definitely be a great rescue. Tip: Choose that comes with a mixture of a closed and opened rack so you can hide your essentials in the hidden nooks while keeping your accessories on display. 

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Huge wall clock
For some reasons, wall clocks are moving away from the realm of utility and the world of design. But before overlooking this time-machine, please note that large clocks are the best-pick for a functional artwork. Installing a huge wall clock to your accent wall can create an aesthetic appeal with zero effort (literally). All you to look for is a unique timepiece which matches your interiors, for instance, choose an artistic clock for a rustic theme or go for a sleek-designed one to complement your Scandinavian-inspired interiors.

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Make your personalized gallery
Photos are memories and memories should be evergreen. And to create your personalized gallery at home nothing can beat those empty walls. Tell your story of life through the photo collage or keep it simple and less flashy with monochromatic pictures. You can also choose coloured frames, metallic ones, or even size-varying frames. Not just pictures, you can also frame quotes from your favourite writers and hang them to make it look more impactful and unabashedly ‘personal’. This works great for your bedroom or staircase too!

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Rustic old brick wall
If you are spoilt by the choices, simple stick back to the basic. An exposed brick wall can do wonders as your feature wall – they work as the best medium for you to bring the effortless Mediterranean-like relaxed, rustic look to your home. Keep it undone or stroke it in red paint to achieve a rather polished style.

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LED strips
LED strips are no more just for Diwali or Christmas, but have come a long way to be used in revamping home interiors – if done right can look futuristic and cool. Although in décor it is usually used in the false ceiling, you can envision a distinct accent wall with thoughtfully done LED work. And talking about the designs, your imagination is limit, while a geometrical art or simple bordered wall will enhance the view you can also use LED lights complementary to the other accents on your wall – like bordering your metal photo frames. 

Photo credit: Interior Design Ideas

We hope you’re convinced to skip the idea of installing wallpapers for a change and make yourself an accent wall with real accents. Hook on to these ideas and do tell us of the ones you liked (or if you’d like to spill your secret ideas!) 

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