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Gold is a timeless trend and can be used across your home for glamour and subtle sophistication | We tell you how it’s done

Gold has been on the trend list this year and even though trends come and go before you know it, gold is one material which, if used the right way, can last in your home for years to come. While some may find gold pretentious, it’s really about how you are able to blend it in your home in a simple and sophisticated manner. We give you 5 ideas big and small to try gold in your home.

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Gold Moldings

A quick and easy way to add a touch of Versailles in your home is by painting gold on to moldings. Not only does it look elegant but is a quick fixer upper and will create an instant luxe appeal.


Gold Lighting Fixtures

Gold lighting fixtures can act as a focal point whether you use it in your dining area, at the kitchen island or near your night-stand. If you are hesitant about using a gold lighting fixture choose one which has gold on the inside to make it more subtle.


Gold Accessories

The easiest way to add gold is through your accessories. Find a gold-framed mirror or gold frames for a blank wall. Gold vases and pots have been showing up across stores as well, some which have been using porcelain, clay and metallics in contrast. Make your living room feel a little more plush with gold velvet cushions or even a coffee-table with metallic legs. Why not try adding some gold to your dining ware and serving trays? These work perfectly for festive season.


Gold Surfaces

While adding gold as a surface can be on the expensive side, you will not regret it if timeless decor is what you like. Wallpaper with hints of gold will act as a focal wall and will need minimal accessories and furnishings to create balance. A gold backsplash in a kitchen against white or black marble will make it the favorite spot in your home. Also, try thinking of what materials work with gold for your interiors whether it’s marble, granite, lacquer or other metals.


Gold Fixtures

Gold hardware and fixtures against either neutral or dark palettes make for a classic statement. Add gold faucets in the kitchen or bathroom, gold hardware for cabinets and door knobs or even a gold trim for flooring; these are just a few details using gold which can make all the difference.

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