5 Trendy Long Hairstyles To Opt For In Spring Summer 2020

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Make the most out of your long tresses with these celeb-approved long hairstyles that will keep you fashion-forward in 2020.

Do you know the best trick to change your look in less than an hour? No, we are not talking about an outfit makeover but giving yourself a good snip-snip or even a hairstyle, especially if you have long tresses. Why do you ask? Because long hair can create a nuisance if not handled well. Not only does it need TLC but also constant nourishing that can only be done with a new hairstyle. You no longer have to gather them all in a bun or fight with them to tame each strand. We have got you some celeb-approved long hairstyles and haircuts that are easy-peasy and look great too. Need we say more? They are perfect for the upcoming spring-summer 2020 season and will make sure you look your best always.

Jennifer Lopez's Overgrown Lob

Lob is an amalgamation of long bob hairstyle which came into prominence last year. This year, however, we have none other than JLo who gave a lob a subtle uplift by embracing her overgrown hair in it. Not only is this neat but also very trendy! We mean, this super bowl hairstyle is proof!

Photo Credit: Chris Appleton

Kylie Jenner's Step Hairstyle

Kylie Jenner is a connoisseur of log hairstyles even if it requires unabashed use of wigs and long hair extensions. Love how she has given an upgrade to the '90s 'step cut' which balances her face so well. You can either cut your hair in steps or give it a nice blowdry to make sure the flyaways are at bay.

Photo Credit: Kylie Jenner

Sara Ali Khan's Bombshell Blowout Hair

The bombshell blowout requires two things: curly hair rollers and ample hairspray. This hairstyle works well on long hair, especially if they are part wavy in texture. Great for when you want big sexy hair in a matter of minutes!

Photo Credit: Sara Ali Khan

Ananya Panday's Straight Hair With A Twist

Ananya Panday may have her foot in the mouth situations, but when it comes to beauty and hair care, the girl surely knows it best. Take this long straight hairstyle for instance. Whether you are running errands or are old school, this simple straight hairstyle will suit all occasions and outfits.

Photo Credit: Ananya Panday

Alaya F's Waterfall Loose Curls

Curly hair or not, waterfall curls make your hair look oh-so-pretty. It not only accentuates your outfit but also gives that part bohemian and princessy charm to your final avatar. Just make sure you hold the curls with a good hairspray to avoid it going limp. Don't forget a good quality tong curler to achieve these flawless curls.

Photo Credit: Alaia Furniturewalla

It is about time you give some tender love and care to your long hair by either going for a long haircut that complements your face shape or by opting for some pretty long hairstyles that'll make your crowning glory look even more gorgeous!

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