Best Makeup Tips For Valentine’s Day That’ll Save You From A Faux Pas Situation!

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Chin up, head eye, ready steady strut! Don’t forget a gentle touch of the magic makeup wand this Valentine’s!

So you are gearing up for Valentine’s day and along with a great outfit and shoes, a well-crafted face is also important. We are talking about the makeup of course. Now, this doesn’t mean you go OTT with it. No, graphic eyeliners and yellow eyeshadow won’t do! While there is no harm in trying it out, be sure to have a knack of applying these tricky makeup trends. Cut to a soft, well-crafted visage which is just right for Valentine’s day… Sound like a plan? It does to us too! In all, we are not discouraging you by not letting you try the latest beauty fads, but some fail-safe makeup tricks never retire. Think about that just pinched blush look or lipstick that doesn’t smudge even while you empty a full bowl of soup! Here are some standard makeup tricks that will not only make sure you look your best on Valentine’s day but will ensure that your inner beauty is accentuated as much as the outer.

Do Not Experiment

Before you smirk at this one, let us tell you that it is totally OK to not experiment on your Valentine’s day date night. Sure, we all love that graphic winged eyeliner like Gigi Hadid’s but stay away if you don’t have a knack for it. Nobody wants to end up with a smudged eyeliner or lipstick on their teeth. Best to choose a fail-safe beauty look so as to avoid any faux pas situations later.

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Moisturise And Strobe Your Skin

Dewy skin is ‘in’ shiny and greasy skin is not. That doesn’t mean that oily skin lovelies cannot try this method. The key is to mix a strobing cream and your daily moisturizer instead of applying a highlighter. This will not only avoid those chunky glitter mishaps but will also give you that ‘lit from within’ glow quite naturally. And if you are still confused about strobe cream, then apply a primer if you have very oily skin.

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A Pink Blush Always Wins!

There is nothing that a pink blush can’t solve. Whether you like the ‘just pinched’ glow that cheek stains create or love the classic rosy glow that a powder blush provides, a pink blush is a versatile colour that can go with almost any outfit.

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Opt For A Smudge Free Lipstick

Whether you are sipping a coffee or gulping down a big bowl of soup, smudged lipstick is a big no-no on Valentine’s day date! You could apply a lip primer or just go with a good quality matte lipstick that doesn’t bleed or feather. Psst… it is great for those times when you don’t want stain marks to come in between your midnight kiss!

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Do Your Nails

Nails are the most forgotten parts when it comes to glamming up but this V-day, make sure you prep them too in the finest of colours. Go for a classic French manicure or paint them in pastel colours to go with the vibe of the occasion.

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Don’t Forget Perfume!

Last but not the least, a good perfume is a must. Choose light florals or zesty fragrances that do not overpower or leave a stinging headache. Make sure your choice of perfume goes with your overall personality and of course, your outfit of the day!

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A little bit of makeup never hurts and these steps will make sure you look your best this V-day!

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