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Here’s everything you need to know about dry shampoo

It is a rage these days! Everyone, from beauty bloggers to street style icons, are endorsing dry shampoo. It cleans your hair like any regular shampoo minus the time and effort involved. So what really IS dry shampoo and how does it work? Relax, we have all your questions answered right here.

WEST HILLS, CA - APRIL 02: Khloe Kardashian appears At ULTA Beauty's West Hills Store To Promote Kardashian Beauty Hair Care And Styling Line at ULTA Beauty on April 2, 2015 in West Hills, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

WHAT IS IT | Dry shampoo is a fast evaporating liquid or a dry powder to be sprayed on hair and worked into roots. It helps remove dirt, grime and excess oil from the hair and freshens the strands with a sweet scent.

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WHY USE IT | It is quick, doesn’t need water and minimizes hair damage. And if that’s not enough, there are more reasons too:
It doesn’t affect hair highlights or hair colour
It doesn’t mess with thermal hair treatments
Your blow dry stays intact
Styling your hair is easier
The natural protective oils in the scalp are unharmed

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HOW TO USE IT | Begin by spraying the hairline on your forehead. Make sure to spray from about 10 inches away from your face. Next, part your hair into sections and spray dry shampoo on your roots. Use your fingertips to work excess onto the strands and style your hair with a brush. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

GOOD FOR EVERYDAY USE | No. Because the residue from dry shampoo can, in the long run, clog your hair follicles. It would be best to alternate dry and wet shampoo every week. Dry shampoo is best for times when you have no time to wash your hair. So, keep it handy.

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Check out this cool video by beauty vlogger Estée Lalonde explaining how to use dry shampoo.

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