How To Dress For Your Body Type According to Your Body Shape

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When it comes to dressing right, there are a few steps involved that will help you with looking gorgeous all day, every day!

Being a girl is difficult. No, we are not trying to make a sexist comment here but imagine keeping your head high, even amidst the judgemental eyes of many. It is a known fact that women are often judged by the way they dress. There are societal norms and even peer pressure to dress a certain way, which can be very distressing, especially if you are not very well aware of your body frame. Sure, you must have read a lot of editorials in fashion magazines, but somehow been confused about your bone structure. The 'how should I dress' question always persists!  But fret not, we are here to help you out with the best outfits that bring out the beauty in you. You don't need to hide your problem areas anymore or skip wearing a dress just because 'it doesn't suit you'. Your body is your temple and it is about time you favour it with the help of our handy shape guide. We have put together five major types for your body shapes for you to choose so that selecting the next outfit becomes a tad bit simpler.

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A pear shape implies that your waist is wider than your shoulders. This may include wider hips and a fuller derriere. To make the most out of your shape, we suggest you add a lot of empire line dresses that flow below the bust area. Bootcut or flare jeans should do the trick to hide flabby love handles. Oh, and short dresses will not only help in shaping your body but will also make it look well balanced.

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Think Beyonce, even J Lo! You are among the lucky few who have a very proportionate shoulder, waist and hips ratio. Girls with this body shape can go for anything that they desire but statistics suggest that draped dresses and cinched blouses make you look great. Don't forget skinny jeans.

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An apple-shaped body frame is when your shoulders are broader than your hips. It is also categorised by not having a very well-defined waistline. Dressing up an apple-shaped body can be tricky but there is nothing skinny jeans and A-line dresses can't solve. Just make sure none of them is cinched at the waist.

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You have a brick-shaped athletic body if your shoulder, waist and hip measurements are somewhat the same. The girls falling under this category may not be curvy or super toned but don't have their weight distributed evenly in their bodies. You can wear a belt to cinch or define your waist. Racerbacks and strapless dresses will be your ultimate go-to. Structured suits and well-cut trousers will complement your body shape.

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Inverted Triangle

An inverted triangle body is characterised by a fuller bust and seemingly thinner hips. Since a girl with this body shape has great legs, it is best to flaunt them in a short dress. V neck tops, striped shirts, strapless gowns and wrap style tops will be your best bet.

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No more faux pas situations there, now you can look gorgeous regardless of your body shape.

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