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Slip into a labyrinth of prints and learn to mix with flair | We offer tips for beginners and risk-takers alike

Mixing prints is to fashion what Lady Gaga is to music - not for everyone. But we offer some useful tips for your styling dilemmas. We have divided it into two groups - entry-level and risk-takers. If you belong to either, you are in good company as it’s an elite club with few members.

Fashion – classic prints – stripes

Entry level styling tips | Go classic | You can never go wrong with what’s timeless; combining polkas and stripes. Taylor Swift is among a few pioneers of this look, making it as official as can be.

Find your hero/star piece | It could be a floral skirt or a leopard printed blazer; anything that you wish to be the highlight of your ensemble.

Prints on prints fashion

Find your hero’s worthy sidekick | When choosing the secondary piece (stick to a maximum of two prints), keep it of the same colour family. This will help reduce the clutter; the frightening left hand of fashion.

Accessorise thoughtfully | Remember a floral footwear or whimsical jewellery are equally strong contenders for the secondary piece as is a blouse or a shirt.

anna dello russo street style – toe prints

Go for head to toe prints, but don’t drown yourself in checks or florals

Break the look | Solids are the perfect intermission in the drama of patterns. Choose among neutrals to blue, red, and green with light and dark gradations. They help to break the ‘too much for the eye’ syndrome.

Treat these tips as your springboard and, with time, you will find space among the fashion extroverts - a coveted title indeed.

Street fashion – long coats – floral prints

Tips for risk takers | Add a third print | While it sounds scary, it has its soft spot. And it starts at the heel. This is to say, your footwear or your socks can be the third addition to your style. Seemingly small, its overall effect on your style is humungous.

Shoes street shot – floral prints – jacket and skirts

Go for head to toe print | To get this look right, opt for tailored pieces and streamlined silhouettes to ensure you don’t drown in your checks or florals.

Keep your accessories within the same aesthetics | Before you start dressing up, aim for the end result. It could be ‘70s chic, high on retro or something contemporary. Whatever result you are hoping for, keep your accessories in the same vein.

celine sneakers street style – printed over coats and tops – colorful block prints
julia sarr jamois – printed skirt

When we see celebrities sashaying on the red carpet or that girl we envy (because she always gets its right), we often forget to credit the designers who made it possible. Making up for all those times, we present a few designers who are making heads turn with their opulent creativity.

Masaba Gupta | Prints are her forte. You will find some of the most innovative patterns from pop culture prints to monochrome, psychedelic and giant polka dots. Skim through her prints, take our mixing print tips and enthral the world.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee | His 2015 spring/summer collection is a must-have for both entry-level and extrovert fashionistas. They boast of his characteristic sensibilities - intricate prints fused with neutrals, long, high-slit printed skirts with printed blouses in soft colours and floral dresses.

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