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You have the attitude, now get the outfit! Seven options that will make dressing for brunch a breeze | Our styling tips

According to Guy Bringer a brunch is “talk-compelling. It puts you in a good temper, it makes you satisfied with yourself and your fellow beings, it sweeps away the worries and cobwebs of the week.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. It’s the dressing up for them that can be stressful.

We, at IFM, narrow down seven options that will make dressing for brunch a breeze.

Dress up in flowers A breezy floral dress boasting a relaxed silhouette, an Audrey-esque hat and a pair of bohemian flats will help you feel relaxed and look gorgeously laid-back for a brunch.

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The Tee-Jean girl For most of us, jeans is the ultimate comfort outfit. And the best bet when everything else fails. So for your next brunch outfit we’ve planned the perfect look around your favourite jeans. Team up your jeans with a casual yet chic tee (solids preferably and without graphics) along with a light waist-length blazer (optional). Dainty gold jewelry along with a sexy pair of heels and sunglasses will help you look both comfortable and chic. While the coat lends it a ‘business-y’ appeal, the tee and the denim shows your soft corner for casual. Ideal for ‘cannot miss’ friendly brunches that fall during the weekday.

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If you love sarees, choose an earth-colored khadi silk with minimal print.

Perk up the quirk Explore the glamorous side of the erstwhile laid-back brunch by combining a pleated skirt with a sweatshirt. A pleated midi skirt is the stuff of iconic class, and its unconventional pairing with an easy-going silhouette like that of a sweatshirt will bring out the naughty, nice and quirky in you.

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Dig out those dungarees Sexy, chic and comfy, dungarees be thy name. As denim’s more playful cousin, Drees let you be you always. Pair one with a tank top, pumps and sunglasses to hike up the oomph.

The jammie sandwich! Replace the Simpsons Pajama image in your mind with a polka-dotted satin one. Slumber turns sexy! Pair your skinny jammies with a long tee and a summer jacket to keep them wondering if it’s the hangover effect. High heels in contrasting colors and a big handbag will transform you into the dream queen of brunches.


Hey girl, be boy! No, I am not being sexist or anything. The word is androgyny and it’s here to stay for brunches. Boxy silhouettes coupled with androgynous trousers add a lingering zest to your brunch ensemble. Go for neutral hues accompanied with minimal jewelery and let your cool attitude do the talking!

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The saree seduction If your love affair with sarees is legendary, needless to say it will be your item of choice for brunch with friends and family. To keep informality alive, you can choose an earth-colored khadi silk saree with minimal print. It’ll keep you from parting with your beloved 9 yards while keeping in the spirit of the bruncheon.
Brunches are the most relaxed way to stand out. And your own attitude towards it will determine your coronation as a brunch diva.

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