Forget Glass Skin, Cream Skin Is The New Kbeauty Skincare Routine Trend In 2020

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You no longer have to spend hours with a 10 step K-beauty routine, this minimalistic ritual will sort you out.

Think sheet masks, glass skin and those beautifully indulgent beauty ingredients that guarantee flawless skin. Your guess is as good as ours, we are talking about the Korean skin care routine that revolutionised the way the world looked at skincare. But beauty trends are transient and so are the latest 'IT' beauty and makeup routines- the latest to join the bandwagon? Korean beauty- approved Cream skin of course! While some say it is people's angry reaction to the tedious 10 step skincare routines, others believe it to be more of a minimalistic approach to beauty. The Korean skin care routine always favours youthfulness, more hydrated skin and cream skin then, is like God's answer to achieving beautiful skin, without putting too much of effort. Here's a deep dive into a 2020 beauty trend that is a far cry from the 10 step Korean skincare routine.

Cream Skin Or Glass Skin?

When you think about Korean beauty, it is glass skin that may come to your mind. And you're not wrong in thinking that! The Koreans have always been ahead of their game and have taken a keen interest in cutting edge skincare ingredients with a hawk-eye view. (hello snail mucin facial) Even though the texture of the skin is eerily similar to glass skin, the techniques in achieving cream skin differ. “Glass skin was a trend that promised translucent and poreless skin, achieved after exfoliating and hydrating it the right way with the right products. In comparison, the cream skin category helps to cut down the number of steps in your skincare routine while softening and nourishing the skin, with a focus on deep hydration,” said Charlotte Cho, the Founder Of Soko Glam told Stylecaster. The routine involves major just one step of that involving a toner and a hydrating moisturiser mixed into one. However, many Koreans like to extend it to two steps, cleansing their face with a cream-based cleanser before they reap the benefits of the moisture-rich products.

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The 'Skipcare' Trend!

Many believe that 'Cream Skin' is a reaction to K-Beauty that has a laborious 10 steps skincare routine. It is somewhat like a lazy girl's guide to looking beautiful, minus all the effort. It all started when Laniege- the famous K-Beauty brand known for its super hydrating products introduced a product that combined the benefits of a toner and a moisturiser, all in one. It combines the benefits of a rich jar of moisturiser, mixed along with a featherlight texture of a toner. “It’s a unique product formulation that is milky in texture and not creamy or heavy as the name may imply—it’s quite lightweight and refreshing and absorbs quickly into the skin, which is one of the reasons for its popularity in Korea and now in the US," Cho added. The trend even challenges the idea of femininity and beauty that many women have been indoctrinated with. In a way, it is quite travel-friendly too and great for when you want to just 'wash and go'.

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The cream beauty trend saves space and time! We definitely are hooked on to this!

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