The ace designer talks about the must-haves in a modern bridal trousseau.

The Sabyasachi bride has become synonymous with the big Indian wedding. The designer’s commitment to excellence and penchant for making sense of the past through his work has made him the go-to bridal couturier in the country. Here, he speaks to us about the array of choices that brides have today, and how to strike a perfect balance between tradition and modernity in one’s trousseau 


Colour palette. I personally like sandalwood, red and emerald green. I have also started liking nudes and shades of gold for bridal outfits this season.

Experimenting with silhouettes. A bride should wear an outfit that has a lot of history, culture and refined textiles attached to it. The piece of clothing that the bride decides to wear on her big day should bring out her beauty and not make her look like a different identity. Every bride is beautiful. I strongly believe the bride should wear the clothes rather than the clothes wearing her. If the bride is not at ease on her own wedding day, all the other grand preparations are futile. For bridal lehengas, I like using fabrics like muslin, tulle, and silk. I also like to juxtapose cotton, silks, and velvets together.


Things to keep in mind when editing a bridal trousseau. A trousseau should be a combination of designer and high street clothing compartmentalized into daywear, evening wear, athletic wear, lingerie, swimwear, outdoor wear, and party wear. A common mistake that people make is that that they only buy fine clothing for a trousseau. You have to remember that when a woman gets married and goes to another family, she cannot live the next 365 days of the year as a bride, she has to fulfill other responsibilities and there must be things that she needs for every occasion.

I always recommend traditional and cultural clothing for a trousseau because what you take along with you to your new home represents the values of your family. Hence, the best things to put in your trousseau are family heirlooms which are irreplaceable and priceless. A trousseau is best packaged when wrapped in block printed muslin and presented in fabric wrapped boxes or wooden boxes.


Suggestions for a “no-fuss” bride. Always remember to remain true to your heritage so that you can uphold traditional values while transitioning into a new family. Keep smiling and stay calm. Do not stress because a stressed bride will come across as an undesirable bride.

While there is bound to be an inclusion of modern clothes in a bride’s trousseau, vintage collection should also be a part of it – heritage pieces passed down over generations. In your quest to become a gorgeous bride, do not try to overdo the wedding look in a manner that overpowers your personality totally.
A beautiful bride keeps everything simple and classy: be it her make-up, jewelry, attire.


Bridal must-haves. A bride should buy beautiful shawls, sarees and classic accessories which can stand the test of time because if you are going to incorporate a lot of fashion in your trousseau, you must remember that what you buy for your trousseau, you may not get a chance to wear immediately. Eventually, when you do wear them, the fashion trends may have passed. So it is always best to invest in classic clothing because you never know when you are going to wear them next.

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