Co-founder and designer of fashion label Huemn tells us all about style, fashion and the favourite pieces in her wardrobe

Change is good but redefining yourself without entirely changing is even better – this is what drives Shyma Shetty of the label Huemn. Often taking inspiration from her personal, individualistic style, Shetty designs clothes that effortlessly stand out in today’s cookie cutter fashion scene. We talked to her about her style secrets, her inspirations and her wardrobe essentials. Excerpts from the interview below.

Shyma Shetty fashion style tips

How do you define your personal style | My style is very current and edgy with comfort always at its core. As I’m growing and maturing I’ve become more unafraid of experimenting, and feel closer to my body. I think I’ve really embraced my curves – I know what is flattering on me and what to avoid like the plague (Buhbye crop top!). Also, other people’s opinions hold very little importance for me and that brings with it a sense of careless style. At the moment, I’m doing a lot of leather details, airy sheer shirts and sports luxe styling. I’m also loving Japanese shapes and tie-ups; I include tie-ups in my hair, shoes and dresses. All of it put together is a mixed aesthetic that is young and free.

Shyma Shetty owner at fashion label HUEMN

What influences you | I don’t think we have control over, or knowledge of what influences us. Style is inherent and every conversation, vacation, lover, random internet blog you stumble upon, and piece of art is part of the jigsaw puzzle that makes you. I think of myself as a mocktail without a recipe – perfectly balanced but made up of so many things, in predefined quantities, that now it’s just hard to tell what’s what when everything is poured and stirred.

Do you have a styling secret | I do. I have a wardrobe trick I use. I pick out a few separates that I think I wear too much and pack them away for a whole season or two. Every time my wardrobe needs an overhaul, I pull those out. After a few months of not having them in my closet, a lot of new styling opportunities come up in combination with the new stuff that’s now part of my wardrobe.

Go-to outfit ideas by Shyma shetty – closet must have’s guide for women

What are some of your statement pieces | I invest in separates that I can use through multiple seasons. I prefer to change my styling game rather than discard old clothes. My three favourite statement pieces include an old pair of well-fitted jeans (that have been updated with some cool DIY paint and ripping techniques), oversized sheer shirts (that I throw over a fitted dress or a lace bra) and basic black joggers that I wear with sneakers to work or with boots to a bar.

Shyma shetty street style

What are the wardrobe essentials one should invest in | A pair of ripped jeans that you love and which loves your body back, an oversized white shirt in a rich fabric that you can throw on for effortless style and big, dark sunglasses like classic black wayfarers or square aviators.

What’s the one fashion advice you’d give someone | Fall in love with your body. Be naked, explore and admire every curve and revel in your imperfections. There is no bigger deterrent to personal style than body consciousness. When you look at yourself with a lover’s eyes, you transform into a thing of beauty. It is not easy but it’s worth the effort.

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