Fashion designer Varun Bahl talks about his latest venture in home décor and what motivated him to take up the challenge

What happens when fashion and art interact | The answer is baroque- inspired regal rug collection by acclaimed designer Varun Bahl. The designer has made a seamless transition from couture ensembles to couture home décor. Collaborating with Cocoon fine rugs, the collection crafted with finesse brings out the sensual drama of the baroque era. Excerpts from the interview

What is the story behind your label

I’ve always had a passion for design, an eye for detail and an undying love for fashion. I just followed my calling, graduated from NIFT Delhi, launched my label and the rest, as they say, is history.


Two things that you could give to every woman if you could

Impeccable taste and a stylish wardrobe! I think any woman, from India or anywhere around the world, looks stunning in a sari.

How would you style a Varun Bahl woman and her home | What elements will she incorporate

My signature style is understated and elegant. I love using intricate hand done floral embroidery and elements of nature. My colour palette is pastels, ivory, black and hints of red. My garments are influenced by European design aesthetics and I love experimenting with the Indian silhouettes to give them a contemporary twist. My décor sensibilities also mirror my sartorial design choices.

“My garments are influenced by European design aesthetics and my décor sensibilities also mirror my sartorial design choices.”


What made you branch out into designing a rug collection | How were you able to translate your design aesthetics in fashion to a rug collection 

I’ve always been quite open to interesting collaborations that challenge my creativity and design sensibilities and when this opportunity came along, I couldn’t think of a reason to turn it down. It was unlike anything I’d done before. My wedding company ‘Aurum by Varun Bahl’ allows me to play with décor aesthetics but never really design the elements from scratch so this was a novel experience. It’s definitely very different from creating garments, there are facets like different dimensions, use of fabrics that determine the final look, and designs that stand out most to create the best possible product that have to be kept in mind. All-in-all, I’m extremely happy with the end result and I don’t think it could have been done with any other partner but Cocoon Fine Rugs.


What elements of baroque were you most inspired by and have applied for your rug collection

I’ve always been quite taken by the French Baroque era, especially when it comes to architecture. The understated elegance, distinct lines, structures, and façades of classic architectural marvels serve as inspiration for these creations. The infusion of a monochrome colour palette is my contemporary take on the classic designs, and represents a balance between old-world charm and modern aesthetics.

Will we see you designing more home products and venture into interiors in a big way

If the right opportunities come along, why not 

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