Fall fashion speak from Itr’s founder

Khyati Pandey is a fashion graduate from NIFT, Mumbai, and a Design graduate from NID, Ahmedabad, who started the clothing brand ‘’. She believes in creating designs that exhibit the truest form of its origin and character, promoting and preserving the use of traditional handicrafts.

On fall/winter fashion 2018 trends...
Fall is about bringing out all the bold solids from your wardrobes. From deep indigos, and jewelled emerald tones, to fiery ochres and warm oranges. Oversized anti-fit layers which swaddle you like a warm hug on a cold winter morning, dramatic kimono sleeves, spacious pockets to snuggle your palms and chunky wooden scarves to add a pop of colour to your look.

Personal style equation…
Whether its dressing up, or designing clothes for people, I always prefer classic pieces which become a part of your wardrobe beyond time and trend. Playing with layers is what I love about fall. An old blue ripped denim, with a loose boxy white linen shirt layered with a Kashmiri woollen Phiran, teamed with some chunky silver jewellery is my all time favourite winter look.

Inspiration for her upcoming collection...
The basic common thread between all our collections is clothes that keeps one at ease, unrestricted, and unbiased; where style is not bound by time, trend or spaces, but layers on you like a comforting hug. As an extension to our SS18, the upcoming fall line is inspired by a faint lingering sense of summer nostalgia; it comes from the floral fragments of pressed flowers beneath the pages of your favourite book. Using basic elements, stripes and checks - the most elementary form of patterns seen and used in textiles - the concept is to create silhouettes which slip and layer over like one's own skin. Clothes that become a part of one's everyday chores, something that can be worn from 9AM-9PM. Materials used are handwoven khadi, khadi silk and silk organza.

Style tips for dressing this season...
Style tips for dressing this season... Style is all about comfort and wearing what defines you rather than chasing fast moving trends. One can never go wrong with evergreen, timeless designs. Stick to minimal, clean looks. One of my favourite tips for fall is to dig out your mother’s old pure wool handwoven shawls which are a rare find nowadays (who said they are only to be paired with Indian wear?) Wrap or curl them around your neck, it will not only keep you warm and cosy but will also prove a unique style statement! ‘’ [itr] believes in contrast, everyday essentials, and beauty that lies in minimalism. Each design is crafted by carefully curating and juxtaposing textiles of different genres to create a unique essence. The garments are a blend of modern sensibilities, fused with traditional silhouettes and imbibe the principle of longevity and sustainability in terms of design and material practice. The idea is to create unbiased designs; to make garments for a timeless wardrobe that can be borrowed and shared within generations.

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