Tips To Stay Motivated During Your Work From Home In The Wake Of Coronavirus!


It came. It saw but let it not conquer us all! Here's how you can make the work from home scenario a little more fun!

The Covid-19 virus came as a scare to wreak havoc in the daily lives of people. From China to Italy and now India, it has spread horror all over the world. Blame it on human consumption habits or the capitalist economy we live in. We are to be blamed and we all are suffering for it! So dominant are its claws that it has put an entire world on a standstill. People are being advised on a voluntary house arrest until further notice. This means no weekend parties, no socialising and no office. In a way, we all needed it. That quiet 'me time' with no one but you in focus. Now that the 'work from home' criteria has forced us all to stay at home and take care of ourselves, here are a few tips to stay motivated that will help you adjust to it smoothly. We know, this isn't easy... your home can not be your office but these tips for working from home will help you come out of this as a hero. Not only will this downtime enrich your mind, but it will also urge you to push your boundaries and look at the bigger picture and most importantly stay positive.

Dress Up Like It Is Serious Business

There is nothing quite as comfy as working pyjamas and in your soft bed but trust us guys, GET OUT OF IT! We are saying this because the comfort of your bed can make you feel sleepy. Sure, pyjamas are forgiving but would you wear them to the office? Treat your study like it is serious business. Now by that, we don't mean you venture out in your best pantsuits and pinstripe trousers but look the part. Iron out your dress, wear that diamond earring, put on that red lipstick and do your hair. Dress in bright colours to feel more positive and motivated. 

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Organise The Clutter & Work In A Brightly Lit Room

A brightly lit room exudes positivity and we are sure we all need this at this hour. By brightly lit room, we are talking about taking in some natural sunlight. Choose a space that is just enough for you to set up a table and a chair. You don't need fancy equipment and furniture, just your favourite bits and bobs and a coffee mug to make it 'your' space. This will not only keep you motivated but will also ensure you declutter your space. We guarantee, your productivity will increase twofold.

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Make Yourself A Cup Of Calming Chamomile!

Take a break and make yourself a calming cup of hot Chamomile tea. Chamomile is known to induce sleep but it is also known to calm your mind and help you relax. Even though it is naturally sweet, you can always add in a splash of honey and lemon to it, whatever suits your taste buds. In times of a stressful situation, just remind yourself to sip it, breathe in, this too shall pass!

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Take 5 Minute Meditation Breaks

We all are going through a tough time and such instances, it is important to keep the mind in focus and follow these tips for working from home. Be grateful and instead of munching on unhealthy snacks, do meditation instead. Feed your mind, focus on your intention and breathing. Do it for when you feel like going on a short break. It will help to calm you down and will also help you be more productive towards work. 

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Relax, Catch Up On TV Shows & Talk To Your Friends

We are not telling you to sneakily do this at your work hours but when you have just finished your work. You would spend this hour travelling to your home anyway, why not make it exciting by catching up on Netflix? If that is too much for you, then you can always pick up the phone and call your friends and indulge in a heart-to-heart chat. Whatever it is, make sure you do not exceed for more than an hour as it can become habit-forming! 

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We know this quarantine is difficult but we are sure this too shall pass. Take this time to socially distance yourself and concentrate on your mind, body and soul. Nothing is more important than self-care! Lastly, we recommend follow these tips to stay motivated.

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