From beauty to fashion to luxury, the lady is making it all about the woman’s world

The impact that the bad girl Riri has on the world since 2017 is ‘good’ enough to be acknowledged in all its glory. The Millennial-loved singing sensation has shown us the power of ‘will’ with her back-to-back entrepreneurial skills as if the journey from an island tomboy to being a pop star wasn’t enthralling enough. Maybe it’s her generosity, childhood turbulence or her personal struggles to find all-inclusive products, that she has been a revolutionary figure in everything she took under her umbrella. From beauty to lingerie to luxury fashion, the lady has a league of her own.

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Facing a myriad up and downs in her life since she was a 7-year-old, she discovered her love for singing while screaming her heart out with a hairbrush in the hand and her idols Madonna, Mariah Carey, and Janet Jackson on the radio. By the age of 15, she had her troop of three classmates with whom she would perform at each and every possible venues. And finally, the next year, she was already on her way for auditions and recordings; sooner rather than later the Grammy-winning ‘Umbrella’ happened – probably the first for us millennials where the lady won the highlight.

Since 2008, Rihanna has undoubtedly earned her stage being the best-selling songwriter, singer, and actress with a hatful of awards in her cellar. Becoming the youngest solo artist who scored 14 Billboard music hits and selling over 540 million albums worldwide, the success couldn’t satiate this fearless soul.

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There was still something missing, probably her inner voice: came in the picture her first ever venture ‘Fenty Beauty’ in the year 2017, an all-inclusive brand that changed the entire conversation about beauty. According to the brand’s statement, after years of experimenting with the best-of-the-best in beauty — and still seeing a void in the industry for products that performed across all skin types and tones, she launched a makeup line “so that women everywhere would be included”. But nothing better than these words from Riri can explain her ideology better, “I feel horrible excluding people from things that I created…I’ll try makeup on me, I’ll turn to the girl next to me, the darker girl next to me, the white girl in front of me, I will go around the table and if it doesn’t work on one of us then we need to adjust it a little bit” Doesn’t this says all for once?

No lines on our forehead about Fenty Beauty beating the cult-beloved Kylie Cosmetics scoring nearly €500 million in its first full year of business, which by the way is a very short time span to surpass an existing empire, especially when it’s backed by the iconised star Kylie Jenner.

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Within a year, another ground-breaking launch was Savage x Fenty, a lingerie brand that empowers a woman’s own rules and moods about what she feels inside-out. This highly tremendous brand not only suffices the glamour quotient but is primely a well-framed concept that celebrates a woman in every size and shape. Need we say, the assortment is as fearless as Rihanna herself.

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Another and latest drop is one of this year’s biggest frenzy ‘The Fenty Maison’, where Rihanna leads a fashion vertical under LVMH – the world’s biggest conglomerate of luxury. Yes, Rihanna has her own luxury fashion label named as ‘Fenty’ – you’ve got to remove that rock if you don’t know about it yet. Launched on 22nd May the brand currently has a drool-worthy variety of coats and jackets, tops, dresses, sunglasses, shoes, and utterly chic fine-fashion jewelry. With this remarkable blend of Rihanna’s distinct elegance and LVMH’s inherent luxury, Fenty is already a worldwide acclaimed label spanning yet another synergy for the #fentyfans.

She says, “I have this perception that my friends are the consumer, and if it doesn't work on them, then I'm not doing it” which we believe is her mantra and has worked phenomenally so far.

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Honestly, before Rihanna’s foray into this world, the element of 'individual representation' was not well acknowledged; while the one-for-all products subtly slipped into the inclusivity alleys no one really talked about the void. The reason she has built a massive number of adoring audience is not merely her stardom card but her sensitivity towards what a woman really needs – the feeling of care, degree of consideration, and the warmth of inclusivity – and Rihanna’s realm does not fail it even a bit. Call it the smarter approach or a heartfelt one, there’s no doubt about the success of the Barbadian singer no matter wherever she taps.

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While the womanhood is benefitting from the lady’s bold steps and her heart of gold, we can’t stop our self from anticipating what next Fenty universe may unfold. Until then, enjoy the woman’s world with a host of products from Rihanna’s counter and let us give a caveat, your wallet may not find horizons owing to the choices that you’re going to get spoilt with. Of course, choices that represent ‘you’ and not everyone!

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