Mastering the art of Feng-Shui has now become easy with these Instagram pages


For your cluttered and stressed life, Feng-Shui may be the solution.

Who doesn’t yearn for a good fortune and better health? And when it comes to achieving them, it all starts with adopting positivity. This is where Feng-Shui comes into existence. A practice dating back to 4000 B.C., Feng Shui believes in how the arrangement of things in your home and life can affect the energy flow. It teaches you balance and harmony and how you can energise your space no matter how big or small it is. Regardless of the healing factor, following the Feng-Shui technique will lead you to create a house which is aesthetically pleasing with better interior arrangements. So, if you haven’t been associated with this art earlier, you can slowly start incorporating small Feng-Shui tips at your home. And the best way to start is by following some of the best Feng-Shui Experts on Instagram who will keep you inspired by their tricks and tips. We have three such Feng-Shui experts for you who are changing many lives by sharing Feng-Shui ideas through their Instagram profile.

Amanda Gibby Peters

Amanda Gibby Peters who has been teaching Feng Shui for a decade now has witnessed a lot of life transformation of her readers and clients. Popularly known as the Martha Stewart of Feng Shui, Amanda beautifully describes Shui as “the sweet spot where home-improvement and self-improvement kiss and make-out.” She believes that Feng Shui is a practice for a pretty and clutter-free life. While saying this she does not mean perfection but a positive approach towards life which later is reflected in our surroundings. If you are looking for some basic Feng Shui tips without changing your house upside down, you must follow her on Instagram. She regularly drops by and gives some tips on Feng Shui which you can easily implement in your house. You’ll definitely love even the minute details she shares.

Photo Credit: Amanda Gibby Peters

Lohan Patricia

Based out of Bali, Lohan Patricia is a Feng Shui expert who loves making happy homes. Lohan believes that “If you’re not as happy, wealthy or healthy as you want to be, then your home might be holding you back.” She is known for advising on wealth and personal family matters. Her way is to fill in the home space with a positive vibe so nothing stops you from achieving your dreams. On her Instagram page, she loves to share her daily life with her audience. In between those you will get some insightful tips on how to make your home a happy space-like why you should bring pink peonies flower home, the importance of keeping your stove clean or how you should keep your main entrance area. 

Photo Credit: Lohan Patricia


For Jemma, her idea of life is happiness, health and harmony which comes perfectly blended in the form of Feng Shui. She started practising this art after her inner call and has now transformed many lives. According to Jemma, nature has the ability to heal and nourish, and the power of the mind helps in achieving what we dream and deserve. Scrolling through her Instagram page is an eye-soother, where you get little tips on how to incorporate positivity in your life. If you are stuck somewhere in your life and often feel cluttered, her Instagram page should be your instant rescue.

Photo Credit: Home Heart Feng-Shui

Maybe in life, all you needed was a little re-arrangement of things, right?

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