Here’s how you can use geometric tiles for home décor

From circles to triangles, rectangles, diamonds, and hexagons, you can add distinct definition to any space with a mix and match of geometric-patterned tiles. They look vibrant, lively and are often very intriguing. Contrary to what most people believe, they are not meant only for the bathroom. In fact, the kitchen, bedroom, and your patio can also benefit from precisely placed geometric-patterned tiles. Before you head out to buy anything, it’s important to know which ones look best for different parts of your home.

Our experts have curated a list of tiles that are available in the market today.


Graphic Hexagon Tiles

The six-sided geometric pattern has always been a popular choice for floor tiles. Choose them in a variety of vibrant and earthy colors in graphic patterns for a stunning look. If you want to create a neutral wall or flooring, stick to black and white tiles – they lend a regal touch to any space. Want to add an element of interest to your bathroom? Place a 12-inch cool-toned hexagon tile on a focal wall.



These tiles add individuality and uniqueness to large surfaces. The ones painted with angular and glazed graphic patterns in any color work wonders for the dining area. You may add a touch of warmth, color and art around the fireplace too by using hand-painted terracotta tiles.



Who doesn’t like a bit of a rustic touch at home? A sure way to do that is by choosing faux-wood tiles for your floors. They’re easy to maintain and more long-lasting than hardwood flooring. When combined with natural stone these tiles can add a warm, luxurious touch to the master bedroom too.



These are hand-glazed and hand-cut geometrical clay mosaics forming intricate Arabian patterns. The process of making them includes the use of effervescent blues and greens, burnt reds and oranges and enchanting metallic colors. They look great on a focal wall in a bathroom and work wonderfully as kitchen backsplash as well.



Monochromatic color schemes can be used to make small spaces appear larger. They can be placed on a living room wall as a backdrop for big, impressive vases or even small decorative ceramics.

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