From serving only seven tables to encouraging the concept of slow dining, Grasshopper at Bannerghatta road in Bangalore is an experience in itself

When you first google about Grasshopper, the first few recommendations you get is that of an 'all exclusive restaurant'  'suitable for a date night' and pictures that'll make you want to view them in landscape mode. It is almost like visiting a small little garden portico in Europe - complete with trees and rustic decor, a lush garden and a total of seven tables that guarantee complete exclusivity.

Located in the quaint farmhouse in the otherwise noisy Bannerghatta Road, Grasshopper is the brainchild of Saloni Sattar and Himanshu Dimri, ex-fashion designers and now the proud owners of the fine dining restaurant since 2002.  The restaurant offers a delectable spread of European and oriental flavours topped with a highly customized menu that is decided after considering the customer's food preference. No wonder it is listed amongst the 'top restaurants' in Bangalore.  

But besides the scrumptious food fare, it is the mellow surroundings and the warm and the tranquillity of the place that makes it such an experiential getaway. 

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The Dining 

As you set foot at Grasshopper there are wispy trees, crunchy pebbles, slow jazz in the background and a gorgeous moonlit sky that welcomes you to a picturesque dining portico.  It is a calming one minute walk that actually makes you appreciate the little things in life. Once seated, you'll be in for a surprise... There are no written menus here, each dish is prepared by careful thought and meticulous planning by self-taught chef Himanshu himself along with some help from Chef Pritham Kumar. "Himanshu would try a bunch of different things—some hits and some misses, that let him explore and discover his strengths,” Sattar said in an interview to author Marryam Reshii. The seven-course meal is prepared from homegrown sources and is one of the few restaurants in Bangalore that prides itself on introducing the modern-day 'farm-to-table-concept'.

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If you are looking for a hurried lunch/dinner than Grasshopper is certainly not the place to be.  The founders believe in 'slow dining' which makes sure you have ample time between their illustrious seven-course meals to truly enjoy the food while enjoying its casual yet romantic candlelit setting.

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The Menu

With only five tables and two super exclusive dining options to favour privacy, the food is often customized, with some old favourites that attract patrons from around the world.  It contains three starters, a salad, two main courses and a dessert followed by a coffee or tea, depending on the menu of the day. 

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Even though the menu is highly dependent on the guest preferences, there are a few that are cult favourites among the masses. We suggest you start by trying the cucumber gel with fresh cucumber, cream cheese with tarragon and flying fish roe- a refreshing take starter good enough to kickstart your appetite. Similarly, their prawn with sesame, ginger and mango is a customer favourite. It has juicy prawns coated with sesame sauce and a touch of fresh ginger, mango and seaweed. Of course, if you are serious about your mains then the red wine infused lamb roundels served with herbed potatoes and a zucchini pappardelle should not be missed. Finish off the luxe meal with a chocolate ganache that comes with a twist of mustard icecream – your taste buds will surely be on a ride after tasting it!

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Trust us, if you are looking for a Michelin star-like experience that not only celebrates quality food but also your senses, then Grasshopper in Bangalore is where you should head at!

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