Permanent makeup can be your rescue mission from weekly parlour appointments

If you are one cosmoholic who does not like to step out without arched eyebrows, flawlessly brushed face and mascara stroked lashes, you probably know the pain of getting up early to dedicate that extra one hour for makeup (utterly exasperating at times). As if this wasn’t enough, your hectic schedule makes it even worse, we know! For a solution, you may land up to permanent makeup which is creating a buzz among those seeking fuller eyebrows, lusher lashes, even more, youthful-looking lips through microblading, blush tattoos, lip blushing, permanent eye-liner, scar camouflage, brow tints and more.

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To make it simpler to understand, permanent makeup can be explained as tattooing targeted especially to enhance your facial features. But mind you, only micro-pigmentation specialists can perform this procedure and not mere tattoo artists. Permanent makeup is the imitation of the eyebrow pencil, applied eyeliner, lip liner, and lipstick etc., It is performed through a process known as micro pigmentation.  It generally stays till 5-10 years with a very little care needed. We have listed down a few places in the metro cities where you can opt your course of beautification.

New Delhi
In all the aspects of having permanent makeup done, micro blading eyebrows is one of the most chosen ones. It resolves the problem of visiting the parlour every week to get your eyebrows arched. In Delhi, Zolie Skin Clinic has a good name for all the permanent make-up options. Conveniently located in South Delhi, there is an array of treatment offered to range from laser to surgery. Similarly, Aayna Clinic in Khan Market masters in lip blushing but also offers other treatments such as permanent eyeliners, permanent eyelash extension, and tinted eyebrows.

Contact Details:

Zolie Skin Clinic: +91-8527028004, [email protected]

Aayna Clinic: 098703 96667, [email protected]

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The city of glamour, Mumbai cannot be missed out when we are talking about permanent makeup. The trend, of course, is much more at a higher pace and leading the march is The Bombay Skin Clinic. Talking about microblading eyebrows, the clinic claims to use a super fine pen with 12 to 15 microblades for depositing ink pigments in the form of hair strokes. This gives very fine natural looking shaped eyebrows.  Situated in Santacruz West, The Cosmetic Surgery Institute can also be one of your options.

Contact Details:

The Bombay Skin Clinic: 091528 07388

The Cosmetic Surgery Institute: +91 22 67337500 ,[email protected]

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Also known as little Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru is also not that behind the race. Hairline International Clinic is a one-stop destination for all the treatment having well-trained dermatologists. Apart from eyebrows lips and the beauty spots, permanent makeup is also used for many cosmetic enhancement procedures like hairline enhancement, scar camouflage, vitiligo, restoration of the areola, stretch marks and freckles/age spots and more. Each process takes between 30 to 150 minutes and physicians use a local anaesthetic to numb the area being treated.

Contact Details: 080-41131931, 080-41131932

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Surprising, people in Calcutta are opting for permanent makeup with the increased amount of exposure they are getting into. According to a recent study, the beauty market in Calcutta has witnessed a sudden surge. Claimed to be one of the best among all is The Nova Laser Clinic. Owned by renowned dermatologist, Dr. Arun Kumar Prasad, the clinic offers multiple face and hair treatments such as permanent facial hair removal, lip blushing and permanent skin scar removal.

Contact Details: +91 033-24765600

The pursuit for the perfect look is a manifestation of the new, stylish India. Give the tiring makeup session or salon session goodbye and enjoy the grooming that stays with you for a good long time. People are now not guilty about spending money on themselves anymore. So what are you waiting for?

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