5 of the best co-working spaces across India that make for terrific startup offices

The boom of startup culture in India has brought forth the need for co-working spaces. After all, not everyone can afford a swanky, luxurious office. Freelancers, entrepreneurs and young businesses are always in search of a working area that’s fully equipped with basics – Wi-Fi, electricity and a pantry. A co-working space provides all that at a reasonable price. Moreover, one often gets to interact with creative individuals from different fields and learn something new in the process. Below, we’ve shortlisted five incredible co-working spaces in the country. Take a look 


Innov8 | Delhi | Housed in the well-known Regal building at Connaught Place, Innov8 is a large and vibrant co-working space. With a recreation room, a sun-soaked terrace and customizable workstations, it is the perfect space to brainstorm ideas and immerse yourself in work. Innov8 also makes provision for offering strategic mentorship to assist you in your projects if you so wish.


Ministry of New | Mumbai | Co-founded by Dutch art-director-turned-entrepreneur Marlies Bloemendaal and Natascha Chadha, this co-working space occupies the third floor of Kitab Mahal, a resurrected colonial-era building on D. N. Road in Fort area of Mumbai. The 8000 sq ft place has a library, a cafeteria run by Café Zoe, and a total of 13 rooms to work out of.


AltF Blue | Gurgaon | AltF Blue was launched by Altaf Coworking, which is a platform to help start-ups and freelancers find affordable shared workspaces. They like to call themselves the “OYO Rooms” of office spaces. AltF Blue also has the facility to bunk after work as it runs 24*7 – co-working and co-living under one roof!


The Mesh | Pune | Touted as the city’s first co-working space, the Mesh started with an internet connection and a few desks but, within six months, has expanded to 2000 sq ft area and houses over 12 start-ups. Along with providing the basic amenities (which also include an office assistant), they also offer additional services like accounting help, social media management, and digital marketing.


Bangalore Alpha Lab | Bangalore | If you are looking to launch your start-up in Bangalore and don’t have much space to set-up, this is where you can start. Bangalore Alpha Lab will help incubate your start-up by giving mentorship in tech, marketing, and business – saving you a lot of time and money.

Do you know of some other cool co-working spaces? If yes, then do share with us in the comments below.

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