Take a glimpse of this cool, well-lit, co-working design studio and workshop

If you are looking to refresh your work environment, lighting is the foremost thing that you should start with. A cool, well-lit workspace can uplift mood, productivity and work culture. According to a new study, employees who are exposed to natural light at their workplace are associated with enhanced sleep quality, more physical activity and better quality of life compared to those with lesser exposure.

The Safomasi Studio in central Delhi beautifully incorporates these factors in their space design, which augments their working area. The designer homeware brand Safomasi was co-founded by Sarah Fotheringham and Maninder Singh. As Sarah Fotheringham explains, “We wanted to create a light and open space with simple furniture and fittings. The idea was that we would almost have a blank canvas for our colorful textiles and that space would evolve and populate naturally as and when we make new things.”



The light and airy studio workshop with white-washed walls is adaptable for multiple uses. “We were looking to house a workshop area for our tailors as well as a co-working studio space that included a showroom/display area for our products. We began by building a wall to split the space in two, designed with large windows so that we could keep the connection and light flowing between the two areas,” says Sarah. The meeting area houses a large sofa and a couple of poufs made from scrap fabric from the studio. The designers believe in the significance of a co-working area, hence they share a desk, as well as a couple of large tables that is used for meetings, lunch, working etc.



The open plan space allows natural light to stream in through the large bay windows, making the area feel fresh and contemporary. Elements like hanging light fixtures, customized wall hangings and shelves displaying Safomasi designs add a playful touch to space.

Take a look at images from the studio. If you like what you see, the designers are also looking to rent the co-working area of the studio. Let us know in the comments below.

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