A homegrown brand with serious equatorial vibes

Looking to infuse some tropical goodness into your everyday living space? Good Earth’s new label, Nicobar, by Simran Lal and Raul Rai, delves into the lifestyle of an aspirational modern India. It offers clothes that exude an easy-breezy vibe, home products to inject tropical ease into urban dwellings, and a travel line for the everyday wanderer. The House and Home collection is a chic, contemporary line of beautiful glassware, stoneware, and slate and marble accessories, along with home-linen in crisp organic cotton and jute. We bring you five pieces from their home collection that we adore 


The ‘Alphabet Series’ mug | Mugs printed with alphabets A-Z in different typefaces, are made of porcelain, and pay tribute to the many scripts that weave their way through India’s history. The mugs in the collection make for great gifting options.


The ‘Guppy Shop’ tableware | The smooth stoneware collection with prints of the namesake tropical fish, makes it a more stylish alternative to standard china. The natural stoneware kulhars will add a touch of nostalgia to your cabinet.


The ‘Ikat’ bed linen | A minimalist graphic pattern that will add intrigue to your home. This collection of bed linens in black and white ikat is sophisticated and charming.


The ‘Flora Fauna’ dinnerware | The porcelain dinner collection with the botanical graphic design is a stylish addition to any kitchen cupboard. The bright porcelain mug from the collection is ideal as a gift.


The ‘Kumarakom’ bed linen | This artisanal bedding collection in indigo hues announces the arrival of the monsoon. Team it with your everyday linens for a splash of color.


OUR VERDICT | The brand offers timeless pieces for your home. Each piece, crafted thoughtfully, is something you can treasure for a long period of time. The design philosophy, which focuses on simplicity and detailing, resonates with the modern Indian consumer. Check out the whole collection here.

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