From crisp white to rustic interiors, bring Scandinavian aesthetics into your kitchen

Today, homemakers look across seven seas for inspiration when it comes to sprucing up their kitchen interiors. Armed with modern eclectic style and an open feel, Scandinavian kitchen interior décor of late has caught the fancy of many Indians. Here are four Scandi- cool ways to redo your kitchen 


Sunlight sets the tone and the mood

Sunlight is a natural source of light, which is why Scandinavians let it flow into their homes sans obstructions. India has long summers, which means plenty of sunlight should be allowed into the cooking zone. And while the sun remains high, you could use blinds or tinted windows during the day, letting the first half of the morning rays enter into the kitchen. Achieve the look by installing large windows.


The rustic yet functional appeal of open shelving

Scandinavians, just like Indians, make no bones about their need for comfort, which is why open shelves are the norm back in their country. Wooden cabinets open to the mise en scène around; and when paired with white tiles, you have unleashed a perfect recipe for the Scandinavian kitchen. The aim here is to reinforce a very selective process for crockery to be placed, discovering the daily use items first, and placing the odds and ends with utilities behind and away from eyesight.


The luxe minimal touch

Scandinavian kitchens have a luxe touch that doesn’t go over-the-top in décor. Play with neutral-toned walls and timber cabinets to balance cool and warm tones around the kitchen too. Enhance the interiors with a regal touch; a hanging mini chandelier will bring in a royal look to a minimalistic kitchen. A sleek, chic metal chandelier adds a definite sense of style.


Focus on clutter free and sound functional aesthetics

Indian kitchens need to be clutter free, on the same lines as Scandi ones across seven seas. Scandinavian kitchens, when looked into, are free from too much furnishing. Optimal use of tables, chairs and the countertops, with everything placed at arm’s length. While the cabinets stay open, one could have the countertops customized to a foldable style for ease of use and plenty of functionality too!

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