Here’s how you can use natural light to your advantage

Don’t you just love the summer sun pouring into your home? We love the energy it brings into the house and how it lifts the mood – and saves energy bills! The ancient Roman architecture should be credited to the infusion of natural lighting in living spaces, which enhanced the appeal of their homes back in the day. Here are five ways to accentuate the décor of your home with natural light 

mirror wall living room – Interior design ideas

Add bling to your home | Brass lighting, silver photo frames, metallic doorknobs and even acrylic furnishings reflect light particularly well by bouncing off their shiny surfaces. Remember, a big mirror would also reflect more light. You can use large or small mirrors, wall accents with shiny surfaces or reflective home accents that spread light in every corner of the house.

window treatments – lighter fabrics for window cover

Dress your windows in lighter fabrics | Opt for sheer and lace curtains, in soft-hued linens and cottons, which allow plenty of light to come through. Stay away from Roman shades and Venetian blinds which are often made from heavy materials and fabrics that block natural light.

work office decorating ideas – Interior décor ideas Natural lights

Play with colours | Certain colours absorb more light, making the room darker than necessary. Freshly painted walls in light hues make the room bright and help diffuse and reflect all seven colours in a prism, making the house look large.

 bedroom with a view – Natural lights Bedroom interior designs

Install glass panels | Solid doors made from metal and hardwood block out natural light. That is why most homeowners are now planning to replace solids with stained and frosted glass panels and windows. Glass ensures enough light to pour in and makes the room more welcoming. You could also have solid doors with wood as the base and window panels above it to allow in natural light.

home skylight- Kitchen Interior designs

Check with your interior decorator | From skylights to sheer drapes, blinds to lace curtains, you don’t have to spend a bomb on interior décor. A better bet is to hire someone with expertise on how to make the best use of the natural light that enters your home.

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