Travel through time with Turkish tapestries, antique furniture, which give this café an old-world charm in Hauz Khas Village

Where | Back-lanes of Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

Ankit Pasricha sourced antique Jaisalmer windows over a decade ago, hoping to use them for his home. He did use them, but as a bar for his venture Café Zo, a charming old English den.

Room Cafe Zo Hauz

The smoky textured walls hung with Turkish tapestries well over a century old are truly unique.

He says, “I loved their exquisite detailing. At one point, I thought I would use them once I moved into a new home. However, when I began conceptualizing Cafe Zo, it hit me! I decided to add a carved wooden extension below the windows and converted them into a bar; it works beautifully.”


The first impression | You step off the village streets through a door into the unexpected setting. Cozy yet airy, there’s a large window for natural light and lets you people-watch. You are instantly tempted to plonk yourself on the comfy leather seating, order a beverage and start that tête-à-tête with a long-lost pal.

Affordable furniture

Personal Touch | Ankit, a furniture aficionado, has been sourcing antiques for the better part of his life. Though new to the restaurant business, he decided to share his love for furniture and furnishings with the world through the unique setting. There are a warmth and laidback ambiance, unlike in a commercial setting. Each piece at Cafe Zo has been handpicked by him. Ankit retails furniture as well and, if you ask, he will lead you to his secret stash through a connecting room.

Art, frame art wall art

We love | The smoky textured charcoal walls hung with Turkish tapestries well over a century old are truly unique. Not only are these collectors’ items for their antiquity, Ankit reveals that each time he sits under them, he notices something new.


Best for | Whether you want to drink beer all afternoon, swing by for coffee and dessert or a cozy dinner, this is the place. It’s definitely a cut above for its old world charm and genuine antiques.

Meal for two | Approx Rs 2000 with drinks

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