This cosy one-bedroom apartment is an experiment in white by Kaizad Dinshaw of Nitido Design

A home all in white? It’s a dream most people would give up on. But for Mumbai-based interior designer Kaizad Dinshaw’s client in Pali Hill, it was the starting point for a grander vision.

Interior spaces in white theme – Rooms in white theme

White is a definite departure from traditional colour schemes of Indian homes, which tend to view the colour as impractical. As for inspiration, Dinshaw, who runs Nitido Design, looked at French and other colonial design for inspiration, as well as country homes. He explains, “White symbolises purity and calm.” He played with white in different tones and textures, from the furniture to the furnishings. The lighting aimed at giving the space a warm and intimate feel.

Furniture in white theme

Apart from an all-white interior, space also had to be very easy on the eye. It’s a compact home for a single person, with one bedroom, a living room, an open-plan kitchen and a bathroom.

Countertop in kitchen in white theme

However, there are challenges when working within a restricted theme, especially an all-white décor. Says Dinshaw, “The main challenge was to prevent a room from looking too flat. The solution was to use different shades of white; this gave the necessary depth and dimension without upsetting the color scheme. The windows were carefully crafted from solid timber and, frankly, it was heartbreaking to see these getting painted over. But some sacrifices had to be made to obtain the look.”

While some of the furniture was sourced from antique markets, Dinshaw had some pieces custom-made by carpenters, while some belonged to the owner’s grandmother. Some of the furniture was painted white and some deliberately distressed to give them an aged character. All the furnishings were locally sourced and selected on the basis of their textures as well as color.

The living, dining areas and the kitchen were planned as one open space to maintain an airy feel and allow views of the sunset and sea to be enjoyed from the kitchen. The living area was given generous white sofas. The dining table was placed near the window.

The kitchen, part of an open-plan layout, has an old-world charm. Dinshaw opted for antique switchboards, a distressed crockery cabinet, a bathroom with modern amenities. For the bedroom, he used a carved wooden bed with the window designed to create shadows in the evening light, since the house faces west.

Bedroom ideas and décor – Bedroom colour ideas in white

paints and other white materials that can be easily cleaned.
Choose lighting that is soft, warm and not over-bright.
Add color with care as it will immediately consume the focus. So, be sure that it’s something that you would like to highlight.
Choose the style that you want to go with after doing some research, whether it’s a soft style or contemporary. Decide the style based on what you will be happy living with every day.

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