A fabric reminiscent of India’s freedom struggle | we tell you why more and more people are adopting this versatile fabric

Initially a fabric for the masses, khadi has gained a strong foothold in the organic fashion movement garnering a certain class appeal. The fabric serves a dual purpose – keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. “Khadi silk is a very resourceful fabric that lends itself beautifully to a variety of silhouettes. It also works very well for Indian climates and is easy to wear in a number of different ways,” explains fashion designer Urvashi Kaur.

Its versatility is being transformed into wearable separates like dresses, capes, short jackets and tunics by Indian designers, who duly epitomise khadi as couture. “With design development and modernization, khadi currently encompasses contemporary silhouettes and a varied spectrum of colours depending on the language of the particular designer involved,” Urvashi explains.

The designer goes on to recommend, “The first item that a woman should consider is a khadi silk sari. I feel that they are a wonderful way of bridging our past with our future. Next the pleated palazzos are a must have in every modern woman’s wardrobe. Finally, the classic tunic is a truly timeless piece to invest in.”

With a resurgence of all things natural and organic, a fabric like Khadi Silk finds immense resonance with the millennial, who are gradually trying to lead a more holistic life.”

If you are an elite member of the khadi silk crew, here are a few tips to take care of your silks from the expert herself | In general, silk tends to be fairly strong and can withstand wear and tear. It tends to be delicate and loses strength when wet. One should, preferably, eco dry-clean khadi pieces, and cold wash only when imperative. A mild shampoo or herbal cleanser is recommended and harsher cleaning agents destroy the longevity of this beautiful fabric. Towel drying, and steam ironing are ideal.


As more millennials embrace khadi, it indicates a shift towards a harmonious way of living. “As we find our way forward in fashion, there has been a resurgence of all things natural and organic. Within this societal change, a fabric like Khadi Silk finds immense resonance with the millennials trying to gradually lead a more holistic life. It signifies a greater awareness and consciousness for our heritage, and a desire to create a more sustainable and well-rounded future,” the designer concludes.

And why not? It is hand-woven, durable and has an innate beauty and heritage mark. Try Urvashi’s label for some delightful pieces or look into the young designer Sreejith Jeevan for smart urban-wear options. Dosa by Christina Kim’s Spring 2016 collection also features easy layered separates in khadi silk.

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