Holi 2020: Fashion And Makeup Guide!


Your 101 Guide On All Things Fashion & Skincare This Holi 2020

Before you gawk at this one, allow us some time to explain this further. We understand that Holi is a festival of colours, love and great food but that doesn't mean you should step back on the beauty and style path. Dressing up for Holi might sound a little absurd to the carefree ones who just want to have fun, even makeup...we mean, nobody wants to douse themselves in colour with a 1000 layer of greasepaint on! But hey, post and pre-Holi care is important and as far as dressing up is concerned, it is only advisable to wear something that is comfortable yet trendy. No more wearing old clothes, y'all! It is all all about embracing the festive spirit by putting your best fashion foot forward. Don't forget active skincare and makeup is important too. And if you are still confused, then let us help you out with some handy fashion and beauty tips that will make Holi even more beautiful for you.

Fashion Wise

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Go Traditional With A White Kurta

You may have seen this in umpteen Bollywood movies but a white kurta is a must. Not only can you pair them with jeggings or jeans, but it is also versatile enough to take on all the colours, without making you look like a different person. What's more, it is super comfy too; just make sure you wear a trusty slip underneath it to avoid transparency when the colours or wetness stick to you.

Off White Applique Work Cotton Mulmul Kurta with Slip
Off White Applique Work Cotton Mulmul Kurta with Slip
INR 4,600.00
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Maximise Your Style With A Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is another versatile piece that goes well with Holi. The sleeveless one from Nicobar has an Aline cut that can accommodate all the yummy food and the brightest of colours. It is a soothing printed blue colour that works if you are having an outdoor party. You can even layer it with a shrug or a jacket for extra comfort.

Strappy Foral Maxi Dress
Strappy Foral Maxi Dress
INR 6,200.00
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Opt For Ripped Jeans

This is like a no brainer! Jeans have always been a classic and for this Holi too, they deserve a special mention. They are comfy and can be paired with an oversized shirt or even a kurta. Plus, you don't have to spend hours washing it, as the colours will easily come out of the denim material. In fact, any added colour stains will only add to the appeal of the jeans. Now isn't that cool?

INR 2,790.00
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A Denim Shirt Jacket is Always A Cool Idea!

This is probably the most important garment you should own. A denim shirt can always come in handy for when you are feeling cold or just want to cover yourself up from a faux pas situation. It is super stylish, comfy and will make sure your Holi selfies on Instagram are well worth it!

Denim shirt jacket
Denim shirt jacket
INR 2,299.00
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Makeup Is Important

Photo Credit: Pexels

Coconut Oil

This is a holy grail product that will work both as a pre and post-care Holi ritual. Before you get doused with colours, cold-pressed coconut oil massage will not only help you get off all that excess colour but will make sure those don't affect your skin. It acts as a protective shield and will nourish your skin at the same time.

Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Oil Coconut
Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Oil Coconut
INR 825.00
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Foundation and oily serums are a big no-no but Kajal becomes important. One because it helps you define your eyes and second because it helps bring out your facial features. At a time when your face and body will be covered with colours, a smudge-free kajal like this will help in defining your face.

High Impact Custom Kajal - Black
High Impact Custom Kajal - Black
INR 1,400.00
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Red Lipstick Is A Must

You can opt for a more subdued nude lipstick too but there is nothing like a swipe of a matte red lipstick! It will instantly brighten up your face and also prevent your lips from accumulating all that colour. Just be warned to use a moisture-rich lipstick to avoid any flakiness on your lips.

Colour Lip Last Lip Stick - 36 Midnight Red
Colour Lip Last Lip Stick - 36 Midnight Red
INR 1,100.00
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Body Scrub

A gentle body scrub like this is a very important post-Holi ritual that many choose to ignore. Sure, it is an extra step but it is important to not only wipe all the colour of your skin but also gently exfoliate any dry skin that can be a result of excess moisture. While this is a great step, care should be taken to not overdo it.

Warm Vanilla Body Scrub
Warm Vanilla Body Scrub
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In a Nutshell: Things To Keep In Mind

• Avoid Transparent Clothing: There is going to be a lot of water slashing, so make sure you keep organza and chiffon materials at bay to avoid transparency and any faux pas situations.

• Slathering your face with petroleum jelly or coconut oil is important, but if you are an oily skinned girl, then a water-based moisturiser would work best.

• ALWAYS use organic colours to protect your skin from any harmful effects. You don't want to pop a pimple after the Holi divulge!

• Haircare is important too; make sure you have a nice hot oil champi an hour before the Holi celebrations. Tying your hair in a bun or a neat plait only will not protect them.

• Undergarments are as important as your clothes. A trusty bralette would be apt.

• Moisturisation should be your new karma especially after a no holds barred Holi session. Don't forget to slather your face and body with your favourite moisturiser to protect it from the inside.

With that said, it is time to bring a little joy into your life with bright colours, happiness and that jovial spirit!

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