Let us talk about the best Holi celebration places 2020.

Holi is a festival of colours, but the celebration goes beyond colours. It marks the arrival of spring, of harvest, of love and forgiveness. The air around this time is filled with joy and there is an uncontrollable urge to enjoy. Serendipitously, Holi will be celebrated on the coming Tuesday, which gives us a window to enjoy an extended weekend somewhere quiet and relaxed. Take in the good vibes of Holi at the best places to celebrate Holi in India in cities and towns famous for the festival of colours. From Hampi to Varanasi to Goa, be prepared for a joyous weekend blushing over the colours in the air.

Brijrama Palace in Varanasi

Varanasi is not just a city visited by millions every year. Varanasi instead is an emotion, felt on its numerous Ghats and narrow lanes. And that one particular time when the city never disappoints its guest is during the festival of Holi. The festive spirit throughout the city and the splash of colours seen on the Ghats by the Ganges is a sight to behold. To indulge in this merrymaking, book your stay at Brijrama Palace. Built-in the 18th century, this boutique heritage hotel is considered as one of the oldest in Varanasi. This tastefully done property will take you to the tales of the city and offer the best of old-world hospitality. Relish the endless Gulal in the air and celebrate the festival of colours with some Thandai and laddoos.

Photo Credit: Brijrama Palace

Evolve Back in Hampi

South India may not be known for its Holi celebrations, but Hampi in Karnataka is definitely one of the best places in India to celebrate Holi. Apart from using dry and liquid colours, Holi in Hampi includes community dance, music and huge social gatherings. To experience this unique style of celebration, Evolve Back can be your best accommodation. This breath-taking property has grand architecture featuring thirty-seven luxury suits and nine Private Pool Villas. This Holi weekend it’s time to relax and rejuvenate into the lap of luxury enjoying nature at its best. Dedicate your Holi in the style of Hampi and celebrate this small break in a reading lounge, infinity pool or in a Jacuzzi in your room.

Photo Credit: Evolve Back

Shahpura Bagh, Bhilwara

Conveniently located between Jaipur and Udaipur, this nine-suite Shahpura Bagh is an oasis-like retreat which can be your this long weekend gateway. This heritage property is spread across 45 acres and provides authentic Rajasthani hospitality to its guests. The 19th-century estate is cocooned by two mesmerising lakes, lush greenery and private terraces overlooking the vast landscape with exotic birds. Shahpura Bagh is also known for its F&B offerings which are inspired by the local Rajputana cuisine. Apart from providing bespoke experiences, it lies in the equal distance between Jaipur and Udaipur, both known for its Holi celebration. You can tailor-make your itinerary and travel to either of the city to experience the festival.

Photo  Credit: Shahpura Bagh

Ahilya by the Sea, Goa

If you are a party freak and looking out for a super energetic place for the Holi weekend getaway, Goa is your call. Every year Goa sees a huge gathering of various crowds in the festival of colours. Performances on drumbeats, roads filled with colour buckets, and the sky painted red in Gulaal, Holi in Goa is most vibrant and colourful. To experience it all, you can book your stay at Ahilya by the Sea. This beautiful boutique property is situated away from the chaos so that you have your tranquillity in the middle of all the bustle. Wake up to the sunrise infinity pool, relax in your private villa and spend your night chatting with your loved ones on the private beach. This Holi, feed your soul with the wildest of energy and peace at the same time, all in Goa. 

Photo Credit: Ahilya by the Sea

This year Holi can become the best catalyst for escapism, especially if you are one of those busy-bee. But, we should also not ignore the Covid-19 outbreak recently. Since Holi celebration is always in a form of social gathering, you should take precautionary measures to keep yourself sanitized and safe. Don't forget to keep a bottle of sanitizer and mask wherever you go. Happy Holi in advance!

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