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Get inspired by the best dressed royals of 2018

Centuries before Hollywood, Red Carpets and Instagram came into play, there was a breed of fashion influencers whom the elite religiously followed and the masses aspired to follow. Royals were unmistakably the original ‘influencers’ of the world. They may now share that space with numerous celebrities and bloggers but the sartorial throne of the royal kingdom continues to have a stronghold. For some fun and for some takeaways, let’s look at the 2018 style diaries of the top three royal style icons.

Queen Letizia of Spain

Photo credits: Queen Letizia Style

When we see British royalty, we are awed – we enjoy watching the polish, timelessness and class. But as soon as our glance falls upon the feisty Queen of Spain, the awe transforms into sheer delight – the vibrant yet very classical outfits of Letizia seem like a vivid representation of her homeland. There is creativity, novelty, wearability, a sense of ease and lots of red in how she dresses.

Photo credits: Queen Letizia Style

If Letizia’s looks win over your heart, think business casual with brands like Massimo Dutti, Cortana, Magrit, Hugo Boss, and even Mango and Zara for that matter. We reckon many of her looks are amazingly work-appropriate. If you love to look feminine while appearing professional-powerful-ambitious, keep checking on Spain’s Queen for dressing ideas every now and then.

 Meghan Markle

Photo credits: Elle

Meghan Markle shows us a way to glamourize austerity. She is a strong contrast to everything the royalty is traditionally celebrated (or notorious) for, and a great deal of her popularity among the youth comes from just that. Her style is easy to adapt and makes for safe and sophisticated outfits. Crew necks and boat necks are a constant in her wardrobe, and her choice of colour is predominantly neutral. Meghan is often spotted in Givenchy and Aquazzura.

 Kate Middleton

Photo credits: Harper’s Bazaar

Be it in her royal-off-duty casual clothing or infallible pregnancy outfits, Kate Middleton is known for skillfully adding an edge to an otherwise conservative code of dressing. She’s been spotted in one striking outfit after another since she became the Duchess of Cambridge. While we are in the peak of winter, you could try for yourself Kate’s signature overcoat style with sheer pantyhose and pumps or knee-high boots. Brands she often wears: Alexander McQueen, Mulberry, Emilia Wickstead and the good old Zara.

A feature common to all of these ladies – they invest in pieces that represent their personal style and often repeat them in different combinations – for trends may come and trends may go but style goes on forever!

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