Get lured by the celebrity moments with Hermes

Hermes culture has always been synonymous to luxury. Alongside the global fashion fraternity; the world moguls also swear by the finest design and detail of the ultra-luxurious and coveted products offered by the brand. Especially with its unparalleled class and statement-making collection of bags, this iconic French fashion brand is the most desirable for every celebrity's collection. Call them handbags or arm candies, Bollywood seems to be adoring the brand. And why not, the beauty of Hermes deserves the appreciation of every fashion devotee.

Here we get you a glimpse of the celebrity gallery flaunting their love for Hermes.  

Sonam Kapoor and the Kelly Bag

While everyone at the house would raise a glass if talked about the lady’s fashion choices, you can definitely look up to her for her tremendous bag collection as well. The trendsetter and the absolute fashion icon is in unconditional love with Hermes, tells her envious collection from the brand. But the Kelly bag is one go-to that Sonam can’t get enough of – after all it is one of the most desired handbags in the world. Plus, you’re not only restricted to bold colours, but this also  comes with different designs and styles – from feather embellishments to jute to the most ticklish colours.

Priced at INR 17 Lakh | Buy Now

Photo credits: Hauterfly (L), Collector Sky (R)

Shilpa Shetty and the sweet tan Birkin

Growing old is all about enhanced fashion choices and Shilpa Shetty proves it every time with her select wardrobe – be it the graceful sarees or her bags. One such extraordinary pick is her legit Birkin bag made from fully-tanned heritage leather – its smooth-grained version looks even finer because of the natural cowhide. We absolutely love how Shilpa carries the tangy hue of the bag by pairing it with cool laidback style.

Priced at INR 18.77 Lakh | Buy Now

Photo credits: India TV (L), Hermes (R)

Kareena Kapoor Khan and the jet-black Birkin

Here’s another promoter of the dear Birkin bag, the epitome of glamour, Kareena Kapoor Khan – who’s often spotted with the sleek jet-black variant of the bag. Wonder what makes this the oh-so-favourite amongst the B-town ladies? It’s probably the distinguished features, polished plaque, a swivel clasp, and the house’s signature saddle stitched on the front. Moreover, it is super spacious and why not, this is pretty much why Monsieur Dumas designed this legend in the early 1980s.

Priced at INR 20.8 Lakh | Buy Now

Photo credits: (L), BJ Luxury (R)

Raveena Tandon and the Evelyne crossbody

The fashionably thick and mommy of two, Raveena Tandon owns the iconic Hermes Evelyne crossbody bag. The perfectly engraved and light to carry Black Evelyne crossbody knows that a look is made up of so much more than just clothes. The quality and semi-matt perfectly grained leather add a character to the bag. How about pairing it with your thigh-high boots?

Priced at INR 5.15 Lakh | Buy Now

Photo credits: Indian express (L), LXR & Co (R)

Hands behind this gorgeous combination of style and luxury are of the highly trained artisans of Paris – making Hermes the niche pick for an avid bag collector. What’s on your list?


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