A RECAP OF The Best Bollywood Fashion Trends Of 2019


Before the year ends let's relive the style statements made by our favourite celebrities

The end of the year can get a bit emotional for all of us. We mean, yet another year comes to an end and while we have Christmas to look forward to, there are still some things that we like to sit and reflect upon. One of these includes running a quick recap on the best Bollywood fashion trends that ruled the style scene this year. 

We confess, this year was all about breakthrough trends; at one hand we had Deepika's sparkling Cannes debut and the lime green Giambattista Valli tulle dress and on the other hand, chunky sneakers that brought back a casual touch to our wardrobe. So sit back and get yourself a cup of coffee as we are going to list down the best fashion trends of 2019 that were part experimental and part sensational.

Sequin Everything

Alia Bhatt wore this outfit during her movie promotions and while it is a bit overwhelming to wear this dress, a simple play of accessories can make it very wearable. You can wear contrasting accessories or matching ones, be rest assured, you'll look stylish.

Photo Credit: Alia Bhatt

Power Shoulders

80s 'Dynasty'- inspired fashion has made a huge comeback in the form of power shoulders. While Diana Penty wore this in the form of a dress, you can go all out and wear it with jackets, tees and even blouses... the list is endless...

Photo Credit: Diana Penty

Tiered Dress

While tulle and tiered go hand in hand, Priyanka stunned one and all in a short tiered mini dress that made her look nothing short of a desi Barbie doll. You could wear this outfit on a brunch or a date with bae. Don't forget sky-high heels and a matching micro bag to rev up the glam quotient.

Photo Credit: Priyanka Chopra

Mom Jeans

Deepika is a queen of airport looks and this one by far has to be our top favourite. Whether you want a quick fix or just something to throw under 5 minutes, baggy mom jeans like this will compliment all. Crop top or oversized sweater, you will look stylish.

Photo Credit: Deepika Padukone

Plaid Pleasure

Who said plaid is for schoolgirls? It ruled 2019 and everyone from fashion bloggers to top celebrities like Ananya Panday wore them with elan. Fashion truly is cyclical, and if there is ever to be a remake of the 90s hit - Clueless', Ananya sure will be wearing it.

Photo Credit: Ananya Panday

Cycling Shorts

This is surely not for the ones who don't like experimenting with fashion. But for others, it is quite a bold and may we add a 'comfy' style. Cycling shorts ruled the runways and Bollywood fashion too. Dippy sure is proof!

Photo Credit: Deepika Padukone

Leather Pants

Bhumi Pednekar is a fashion chameleon whose versatility and class has impressed one and all. She wore PVC pants recently and boy she rocked it. Great way to stay snug during the colder winter months we say!

Photo Credit: Bhumi Pednekar

Playful Pantsuits

Pantsuits may be a utility outfit but trust us, it was one of the most worn outfits of 2019. Sonam wore this one-shoulder wonder during her film promotions and we must say she looked tres bien! We adore the simplicity of it and like the fact that it can be worn all year round!

Photo Credit: Sonam Kapoor

Neon Nuance

Even though the Pantone colour of the year is classic blue, it was Neon that ruled the Bollywood brigade. Top celebrities wore it in the form of accessories and even co-ordinates. We love Sonakshi's rendition of it-simple, significant and oh-so-glamorous!

Photo Credit: Sonakshi Sinha

Chunky Sneakers

Take your love for heavy-duty trainers to the next level by wearing them with all your casual outfits. Love how Shobita paired it with a contrasting dress. Not only will you be comfortable but also very stylish.

Photo Credit: Sobhita Dhulipala

What’s your favourite amongst these?

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