Show off this Prosecco-filled tote purse in the next BYOB party

If you’re a Prosecco-admiring fashionista, we’ve got good news. The cult-beloved wine brand Ruffino has joined forces with Amanda Litzinger of Brooklyn-based StickyBaby to bring us the must-have item of this summer – the ultimate tote of the season: a Prosecco six-pack transparent tote bag. This collaboration is indeed the latest booze-meets-fashion innovation for summer19’. Yes, you heard it right! Summer gives us all a legitimate chance to cut loose and play more than usual, even opens up the door to do splendid experiments with our fashion and beauty choices. And this summer bag created by Ruffino checks all of those boxes.

Photo credits: Ruffino

The design | Transparent mini bags have grabbed all the attention to become the most stylish statement accessories of the year, and this bag's chic design allows you to join the league. It has a clear base to show off your goods, with light wooden handles and movable inserts that hold the bottles of Prosecco in place — and it’s even waterproof for those who like their wine chilled and want to toss in some ice when they’re on the go. The plastic separator that fits between each bottle, doesn't clink as you're swinging it around on the way to the beach or the nearest rooftop pool, it is absolutely mess-free.

Photo credits: Ruffino

Did you say ‘more’| The bag doesn’t come alone, it comes rather equipped with six mini 187-millilitre bottles of Ruffino Prosecco, which totals to about a bottle and a half of wine for your enjoyment. This bag makes for the ultimate grab-and-go accessory and can perfectly be paired with sunny getaways and spontaneous picnics in the park.

Photo credits: Ruffino

You can book your tote bag for $80 from StickyBaby or pre-order the tote bag plus six mini bottles of bubbly from ReserveBar for $100 (the shipping will also include the Prosecco bottles from ReserveBar). However, delivery options are only available for California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Nevada and New York. But why to worry when you have your friends abroad for rescue.

And if you still need more reasons to love Prosecco, then it has fewer calories than other wines and is less likely to cause hangovers. It’s the perfect beverage for summer soirees or for celebrating … well, anything!

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